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CIA Records

CIA Records (United Kingdom)


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CD on CIA Records
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
CIAUK001CD Tuned In Two CD Various Artists CD
Records on CIA Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 14 records
CIAQS016 Intention Dub EP Fields 12"
CIAQS014 Classified V3 Various Artists 12"
CIAQS013 The Reign EP Total Science / Hydro / War 12"
CIAQS012 Bridges EP FD 12"
CIAQS010 Turn Around EP Total Science 12"
TSDS002 C.I.A v Phantom Audio Vol.2 Total Science vs. Digital & Spirit 10"
TSDS001 C.I.A v Phantom Audio Vol.1 Total Science vs. Digital & Spirit 10"
CIAQS009 Stop Motion EP Nymfo 12"
CIAQSLP001 CIA 20 Years Album   2x12"
CIAQSLPS001 CIA 20 Album Sampler Various Artists 12"
CIAQS008 Outline EP Chroma 12"
CIAQS007 Classified V2 EP Various Artists 12"
CIAUKDK007 All This Time/ That Night Anile 12"
CIAQS005 Dreamz Dub EP Calibre 12"

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