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Hoga Nord Rekords

Hoga Nord Rekords (Sweden)


Records on Hoga Nord Rekords
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 40 records
HNR022 Insecto / Cardboard Pope Max Von Sydow 7"
HNRLP011 Qualia - full album - NO UK sales Andrew Weatherall 2x12"
HNRUK005 The Convenanza Remixes Fontan 12"
HNR021 Power To The People/Touch 2 Much Pardon Moi 7"
HNRUK004 Mindfighter EP Timothy J. Fairplay 12"
HNR020 Usa/Usb Ultra Satan 7"
HNRLP010 Fontän Fontän LP
HNRUK003 World Numbination EP High Boys 12"
HNRPIC007 Nymphaea Caerulea EP Al Lover meets Cairo Liberation Front 12" P.DISC
HNR019 Telefuture / Blind Summit Jamie Paton 7"
HNRLP009 Mythologen Mythologen LP
HNR018 The Dirty Beat / Cirklar Fatma 7"
HNRUK002 Loving Hell EP Vox Low 12"
HNRUK001 The Last Ride EP Dark Strands 12"
HNRLP008 Mental Health - white vinyl album SPR! LP
HNR017 Impulse / Inversion Tentakel 7"
HNRPIC006 Polar Star EP - picture disc Fontan 12" P.DISC
HNR016 Tunnel / New Pastoral Life Minami Deutsch 7"
HNRLP007 Lost In Space - transparent yellow vinyl album Pete Bassman LP
HNRPIC005 The Walrus EP - picture disc Tross 12" P.DISC
HNR015 The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant Timothy J. Fairplay 7"
HNRLP006 Omikron Ved LP
HNRPIC004 Babylon EP - picture disc Fontän 12" P.DISC
HNRLP005 Zodiak Versions Al Lover 2x12"
HNR013 Goo / Pool Pistol Disco 7"
HNRPIC003 Spacerocks EP - picture disc Higamos Hogamos 12" P.DISC
HNR011 Snake Eyes / Electrodes Osynlige Man 7"
HNRLP003 Melomania Robert Leiner LP
HNR010 Din Con / Sama Kriget 7"
HNRLP002 Uran Uran 12"
HNR009 Labyrint / Felix Culpa Karater 7"
HNR008 Northern Acid / All-Nighter Dungeon Acid 7"
HNR007 Membrillo's Ride / Rugby The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane 7"
HNRLP001 16:11 Tross 12"
HNR006 Space Normal Speed / Seabass Lamagaia 7"
HNR005 Small Town Illusion / Poison Butterfly Pete Bassman 7"
HNR004 On Board / 1514 Tross 7"
HNR003 Duff 80 / Injected Robert Leiner 7"
HNR002 They Worshipped Cats / Indus Waves Les Big Byrd 7"
HNR001 Bad Wisdom / Egypt Pistol Disco 7"

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