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Horo (United Kingdom)


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Records on Horo
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 19 records
HOROEX19MARBLED Body Sedation [Mini LP Marbled] Kwartz LP
HOROEX19 Body Sedation [Mini LP] Kwartz LP
HOROEX17 Astral Perception ASC 12"
HOROEX13R Hooker Remixed DiNT 12"
HOROEX13 Hooker DiNT 12"
HOROEX16 Infinitum LP Von Grall 2x12"
HOROEX15 Urge Theory [Marbled Vinyl] Lemna 12"
HOROEX14 Point Of Origin [Marbled Vinyl] ASC 12"
HOROEX12 Feardom EP Sam KDC 12"
HOROEX11 Ourea I​ Ourea Sam KDC & Lemna 12"
HOROEX10 Infernality [Marbled vinyl] Pact Infernal 2x12"
HOROEX9 The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated Pact Infernal 12"
HOROEX7 Vices - Marbled vinyl with insert Separation Anxiety 12"
HOROEX6 Divination - Limited Edition Ancestral Voices 3x12"
HOROEX8 Across Another Dimension EP - With a4 Insert SNTS 12"
HOROEX4 Divided: Body [Marble 12" w/ Insert] ENA 12"
HOROEX3 Gloss Grebenstein 12"
HOROEX2 Geocentric Systems ASC 12"
HOROEX1 Yantra Ancestral Voices 12"

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