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Phoenix G

Phoenix G (United Kingdom)


CDs on Phoenix G
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
PGGP1CD A Good Place...? Mr. G CD
PGSEXCD1 Night on the town - CD + DVD Mr. G 2xCD
PG003CD Personal Momentz Mr. G CD
Records on Phoenix G
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 54 records
PGAPOM002 A Part Of Me Vol.2 [full colour gatefold / 180 grams Mr. G 2x12"
PGSM001 Nothing's Changed [Full Colour Sleeve / 2 x 180 grams / Shrinkwrap] Mr. G 2x12"
PGRSD2018 That Cold Sweat EP [180 grams] Mr. G 12"
GEMZ002 The Unreleased Gemz pt.2 [180 grams Turquoise Vinyl] Mr G 12"
PG058 All About Expression EP Mr. G 12"
PGR02 Retro 2 Mr. G 12"
PGR01 Retro 1 Mr. G 12"
PGRSD2017 Digger Delite [The day I met Pete] - 180grams Mr. G 12"
PGGP10 On One / How It Is Sometimez Mr. G 10"
PG039RP Urban Warfare EP Mr. G 12"
PG049RP Gettin' Hott E.P. Mr. G 12"
PGGP1 A Good Place...? Mr. G 2x12"
PG056 Tommy's Stereo System EP Mr. G 12"
PG054B Conectionz Ep Mr. G 12"
PGRSD2016 Crate Diggers EP *180gr* Mr. G 12"
PG055S Still Here Mr. G 12"
PG053S Unfamiliar Territories EP Mr. G Presents Jayson Wynters 12"
PG052 Infrastructure Ep Mr. G 12"
PGSEXLP1 Night on the town Mr. G 2x12"
PG003LPEG Personal Momentz add on+ Mr. G 12"
PGRSD2015 Waxheadz EP - 180 grams limited edition Mr. G 12"
PG003DLP Personal Momentz - Gatefold LP Mr. G 2x12"
PG051 Remote Viewing EP Mr. G 12"
GEMZ001 The Unreleased Gemz Mr. G 12"
PG050 Long Time Coming EP - Coloured vinyl Mr. G 12"
PG049 Gettin' Hott E.P. Mr. G 12"
PG048 VFM EP Mr. G 12"
PG047 Another Zone EP Mr. G 12"
PG046 Frenetic EP Mr. G 12"
PG045LTD Soulfood EP Mr. G 2x12"
PG042 Outta Sight EP Mr. G 12"
PG041 Stripped back EP Mr. G 12"
PG040 Reflection E.P. Mr. G 12"
PG039 Urban Warfare EP Mr. G 12"
PG038 Up Hill Battle EP Mr. G 12"
PG003L Lifes Changing Face E.P. Mr. G 12"
PGPACK 001 Phoenix G - Salespack incl. 27, 29 and 30 Mr. G 3x12"
PG 030 Re-Kidz Mr G 12"
PG 029 Distance EP Mr G 12"
PG 028 Going home Mr G 12"
PG 024 Shelter Mr G 12"
PG 027 Don't let shit get you down Mr G 12"
PG 026 Ahh Yeah! Mr G 12"
PG 025 I'm not into that shit Mr G 12"
PG 023S Central Ariel 12"
PG 023 Jet black Mr G 12"
PG 022 Out of doors EP Mr G 12"
PG 021 The after effect EP Mr G 12"
PG 019 Palindrome EP Mr G 12"
PG 020 Rude but not nasty EP Mr G 12"
PG 018 G beatz vol. 2 Mr G 12"
PG 017 Henpecked EP Mr G 12"
PG 015 Time for change EP Mr G 12"
PG 006 Flight of the Phoenix EP G Flame & Mr G 2x12"

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