Architectural 2


Record label
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May 3rd 2010



A new name appears in the Hispanic techno scene: Architectural, label and author, all in one. But who is the mind that draws the plans with this new pseudonym. We still ignore it, but this one, who has wanted to give free rein to the creativity that beat under his skin, has sculpted the first tracks that you will be able to listen, from a solid matter base composed by pure sonic techno with minimalist touches from Chicago, with Detroit streaks and forged alloy derived from the most genuine soul. A release made up of two 'EP's' will soon see the light. This powerful building begins to rise, makes its foundations and basic structure in these Architectural 001 and 002, that present us the impacts, snaps and warping that a real construction team realise with their hard work, exploiting a dark desolate waste ground, following the Architect's indications, who generate, in his mind, the entire project that will rise in our ears. This interesting project will be launched in classic vinyl, as well as in digital format. Do not lose the opportunity to give yourself the first creation, of the new referent of mental techno of Spain, it is going to set a lot to talk about.. and to think