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Architectural (Spain)


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Architectural CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
ARCH006 Secret Chapter Architectural 2xCD
Architectural Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 14 records
POLEGROUP018 The Blue Album PoleGroup 2x12"
GR004RP Transparent EP [Black Vinyl Repress] Granulart Recordings 12"
GR004 Transparent EP - Transparent vinyl Granulart Recordings 12"
CHAPTER01 Biding All In Chapter Records 12"
ARCH009 Metropolitan Opera Architectural 12"
ARCH008 Cubismo Architectural 12"
ARCH007 Architectural 07 - transparent vinyl Architectural 10"
ARCH006-2 Secret Chapter part 2 Architectural 12"
ARCH006-1 Secret Chapter part 1 Architectural 12"
ARCH005 Architectural 05 Architectural 12"
ARCH004 Architectural 04 Architectural 12"
ARCH003 Architectural 03 Architectural 12"
ARCH002 Architectural 2 Architectural 12"
ARCH001 Architectural Architectural 12"
Architectural tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 7 records
POLEGROUPBOX1 POLEGROUP 5YRS vinyl box PoleGroup 5x12"
POLEGROUP037 Second Skin EP PoleGroup 12"
GR012 5 Years of Granulart Granulart Recordings 2x12"
GR006 VVAA - Uncover 1.0 Granulart Recordings 12"
FAN006 We are not alone Fanzine Records 12"
30DLP-001 The Time Of Cruel Miracles LP 30drop Records 3x12"

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