Beatboost Worldsampler part 3

Greg Notill / Motormorfoses / Hardtrax / DJ Ogi

Record label
Catalog Number
BBWS 003
Release Date
November 3rd 2008


A1Trivial ToolGreg Notill
A2Freak FrissonMotormorfoses
B1Music for the restless mindHardtrax
B2MonstrumDJ Ogi

Well, the summer festival season is near its end, time to bring you some of the raw stompers that youve been dancing to this season! Greg NoTill And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger: if there ever was a famous movie quote to capture the pure essence of the friendly Frenchmans track it would be this line from Pulp Fiction. Fierce beats, frantic percussion and even some acid influences. This one has it all! Motormorfoses Eto and Gab, The devistating duo from Brazil are now operating from Spain and though the name may have changed, the output remains the same. Pure relentless beats and power! After opening their track with an electro type bassline and some nice broken beats, pure havoc kicks in soon as the beat drops. HardtraX Half of the HardtraX vs. Jackhamma liveact and the German bridge between Hardtechno and Hardcore Techno. The Dark Force Recordings co owner comes up with an intriguing brew of raw beats, precise positioned percussion and an 80s type of choir sound that will simply blast you away! DJ Ogi The torch holder of the Croatian Techno scene recently spawned us with numerous strong releases on labels such as Submissions and Cannibal Society. We are pleased to say he maintains this line and even raises the bar a little by incorporating some oldschool elements. Bet you cant control your feet when you hear this track!