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DJ Ogi

DJ Ogi (Croatia)


Dalibor Ogorevac



Artist profile: DJ Ogi

DJ Ogi got into Croatian electronic music scene in 1995.
He is the founder of Rijeka's techno scene and also one of the leading people of today's Croatian electronic music scene. He's an associate of 'X-music' show and one of the starters of 'Energetica Music' show, both at Radio Crikvenica.
Being a proud member of 'Energetica Team', an organization for promoting electronic music, Ogi was one of the people who organized one of the greatest open air festivals in Croatia, 'Exotica'.
His style has always been based on hard techno, and even today it's a combination of pumping hard techno and dark elements, marked and well rounded with his beastly mixing technique on 3 decks.
His sets could be heard at the raves and parties such as Love Parade in Berlin, MTV Valkana Beach Festival 08 at Grobnik, Citadela and Imperium in Brno, Teknautika in Landsberg, Paradog in Senica, in European clubs like Cazin and Tunel in Linz, Ambasada Gavioli in Izola, Fabrik in Ostrava, Suburbia in Udine, Ostwerk in Augsbourg, ExExtreme in Bratislava, Lipa and k4 in Ljubljana, and, of course, in many Croatian clubs such as Boogaloo, Colosseum, The Best, Tvornica, Monvi etc. Besides being a very successful dj, Ogi's into techno production as well, and his music has been published by labels like Submissions, Arms, Giant and Dwarf, Northwest Dynamics, Holzplatten and Compound Records. Also, some of his published tracks have been included on well known compilations “Palazzo Mix” and “Shranz Total”, and on playlists of djs like Rush, Henrik B., Pet Duo, Dave The Drummer, Lars Klein, Dylan Drazen etc.
This year, Ogi and his partner in crime, Daniel Gloomy, have started their label, Beast Music Records, which will publish music by both, the newcoming and the leading hard techno producers.

DJ Ogi Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 44 records
WIRED 003 Antigen Wired 12"
TS 12 Control the bugi Technosforza 12"
TRIDONIC 004 Tridonic #4 Tridonic 12"
TRIDONIC 003 Tridonic #3 Tridonic 12"
TECHNOPRIDE 001 The Pride Arrived! TechnoPride 12"
SUBVI 004 Pet Recipes Part 1 Subviolenz 12"
SUBMISSLP 001 Journey Submissions 2x12"
SUBMISS 026 Submissions 26 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 024 Submissions 24 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 021 Submissions 21 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 018 Submissions 18 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 017 Submissions 17 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 014 Submissions 14 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 010 Bonaca EP Submissions 12"
PRRUK 068 Eastern Conference Part 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 057 Eastern Conference EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRIMARY 002 Achilleus EP Primary Instinct 12"
POL 002 Zestoko / Teknowledge Polymeric 12"
OSTYLE 002 Fuck Disco EP Own Style 12"
NERVEN 037 Big Ogi EP Nerven Records 12"
MTR 009 Exactly What You Need Mental Torments Records 12"
MTR 003 Chickenwing EP Mental Torments Records 12"
MATAME 007 Knuckle Up Matame 12"
HUT 006 Hardstompin EP Hart und trocken 2x12"
HARDNOIZE 002 Second Strike Hard Noize Records 12"
GOB 023 The Speaker EP Gobsmacked Records 12"
GAD-X 002 Glax EP GAD X-Cell 12"
FRR 005 Boris S. & Dj Ogi meets FRR Fatallic Resignation 12"
FK-REC 003-6 Bova EP FK Recordings 12"
CORPPACK001 Corporate Sales Pack: 52 / 71 / 72 Corporate 3x12"
CORP 071 Hard Art Corporate 12"
COM 33-6 Balota EP Compressed 12"
COLLABS003 COLLABS 003 Collabs 12"
CARSP 001 Cardiac Arrest Special vol.1 Cardiac Arrest special 12"
CANNIBAL 016 Atomic Cannibal Society 12"
CANNIBAL 006 Oderi EP Cannibal Society 12"
BOA 019 Dark Places EP Blackout Audio 12"
BEAST 012 Rave Evolution EP Beast Music 12"
BEAST 009 Hunted Beast EP Beast Music 12"
BEAST 007 Balkan Beast EP Beast Music 12"
BEAST 006 Nasty Beast EP Beast Music 12"
BEAST 002 Bombarder EP Beast Music 12"
BBWS 003 Beatboost Worldsampler part 3 Beatboost 12"
ARMA 001 Rebar EP Armatura Records 12"
DJ Ogi tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 21 records
TECHNOPRIDE 005 Quid Pro Quo EP TechnoPride 12"
SUBVI 002 Dog Fodder Subviolenz 12"
SUBMISS 013 Submissions 13 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 009 Submissions 9 Submissions 12"
POL 004 Fifty seven Polymeric 12"
PATRN 024 The golden string EP Patterns 12"
FK-REC 004-6 Spookrijder EP FK Recordings 12"
EXFU 004 Hart und trocken Vol.4 Ex-Fusion 12"
CENTERFIRE 002 New Woman EP Centerfire 12"
CARDIAC 010 Zhenu I Decu Cardiac Arrest 12"
CARDIAC 005 Ventricular Septum Cardiac Arrest 12"
CARDIAC 004 Cholesterol EP Cardiac Arrest 12"
CANNIBALLP001EF Hannibal LP disc EF Cannibal Society 12"
CANNIBALLP 001 Hannibal LP Cannibal Society 3x12"
BEAST 010 10th Commandment Beast Music 12"
BEAST 005 The Righteous Beast EP Beast Music 12"
BEAST 004 Beasted boys volume 2 Beast Music 12"
BEAST 001 Introducing The Beast EP Beast Music 12"
ARMS 010 Brothers in ARMS Arms 2x12"
ARMS 006 Lies Are Like Wishes EP Arms 12"
ARMS 003 I Need An Enemy EP. Arms 12"

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