Beasted boys volume 2

Various Artists

Record label
Beast Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 17th 2006


A1Wrong turnSven Wittekind
B1LopataDJ Ogi
B2Let's get togetherLexis

The label presents some of the biggest hot-shots in hard techno land like Frank Kvitta, Viper XXL, Sven Wittekind and DJ Ogi. This is the follow-up to the first part of the Beasted Boys series and is a serious part in an ever growing scene of hard techno. Full on giant drums come with a spitfire of snares and hats, working their way through those amplifiers like a butchers knife sliced through a piece of fresh meat! THIS STUFF IS ROCKIN!! MORE BLASTING HIGH-SPEED SCHRANZZ ABOUT TO LAUNCH THE WOOFERS N TWEETERS FROM YOUR SPEAKER SET!