Corporate Sales Pack: 52 / 71 / 72

Tomash Gee / DJ Ogi / Laker vs. Switchblade

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 28th 2011


A1Fatallic Resignation Tomash Gee
A2Awakening fuckTomash Gee
B1Bloodwalker Tomash Gee
B2Reset Tomash Gee
C1Pikamer DJ Ogi
C2Operi DJ Ogi
D1Murva DJ Ogi
D2Dante DJ Ogi feat. Dia.Chro.Na
E1The Infamous Laker vs. Switchblade
E2Worm Holes Laker vs. Switchblade
F1The BombLaker vs. Switchblade
F2Lovely DayLaker vs. Switchblade

Corporate stand for : hard, dark, jackin techno! 3 wicked hardtechno release combined in one special limited sales pack. This is HARD techo to the bone, play out loud, but at your own risk!