Collaboration Part 1

Counterstrike / Gein / DJ Hidden / Cooh / Silent Killer & Breaker

Record label
Counterstrike Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 6th 2009


A1PentagramCounterstrike & Gein
B1Vivid RealityCounterstrike & DJ Hidden
C1Computer ControlCounterstrike & Cooh
D1WeaponCounterstrike & Silent Killer & Breaker

Counterstrike steps up with one of the heaviest ep's of the decade.. on these 4 sides of pure terror they collab with some of THE biggest names within the hardsteppin dnb genre! On the A side we see counterstrike step up with USA badboys Gein.. when the beat drops you know wich one this is.. its evil.. satanic.. and lets the chick from excorsist look like a pretty lovely little school girl.. this one isnt of the christian dnb dj's amung us. Turn it over for some fresh Dutch involvement. Its Africa meets Goes on this one! Dj Hidden steps up to create a destructive roller called Vivid Reality. This will surely tear your mother a new one if she didnt already had one. Counterstrike knows talent when they see it and thats no wonder cause Cooh is one of the most spoke of talents of 2009.. And this tune shows exactly why.. A perfect blend between hardcore & skullsteppin dnb.. If your looking for something to crossover with this is the one! The last disc holds a triple collab with none other then ohm resistance badboys Silent Killer & Breaker.. A perfect ending for a devastating EP... watch this breakdown cause this is one of craziest youll ever hear Beat per Beat per Beat this one climbs to the top just to knock down again in one foul swoop!