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Counterstrike (South Africa)


Justin Scholtemeyer


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Counterstrike CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
ALGOCD3 Fear Division Destruction Counterstrike CD
ALGOCD 002 Insubordination Counterstrike CD
ALGOCD 001 From Beyond The Grave Counterstrike CD
CDs with Counterstrike tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
SICKCDX Best of 10 years Future Sickness 2xCD
PRSPCTMIXCD001 10 years of PRSPCT madness mixed by Thrasher CD
PRSPCTCD004 Beat The Drum Hard Sinister Souls CD
PRSPCTCD003 The Dub Elements Party Program Dub Elements CD
18MOHMCD Amongst Villains Silent Killer Breaker CD
Counterstrike Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 7 promos
SICK 003*P Tektonik / Sickness & Suffering Current Value Counterstrike Mumblz 12" PROMO
PRSPCT 002*P The Power To Distort / Motherfucking Skulls Counterstrike Counterstrike Eye-D 12" PROMO
G-ILLA 001*P Trigger Happy / Fucking Bliss Counterstrike Silent Killer 12" PROMO
ALGOLP 001EP3*P Insubordination EP 3 Counterstrike 2x12" PROMO
ALGOLP 001EP2*P Insubordination EP2 Counterstrike 2x12" PROMO
ALGOLP 001EP1*P Insubordination EP1 Counterstrike 2x12" PROMO
ALGO 004*P Snuff / Timewarp Counterstrike 12" PROMO
promos with Counterstrike tracks
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 1 promos
21K OHM*P Disciples of the Unreal EP 12" PROMO
Counterstrike Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 40 records
YSR006 Crowd Surfer - The Outside Agency Remix / Cardiak Arrest Yellow Stripe Recs 12"
YSR001 Crowd Surfer / Hammer Yellow Stripe Recs 12"
XTRACTOR003 Burst / Rehertz Filthy Sanchez Recordings 12"
SMACKDOWN003 Manual Control / Kentar Smackdown Recordings 12"
SICK 003 Tektonik / Sickness & Suffering Future Sickness Records 12"
REVREC 008 Temptress / Everchanging Revolution Recordings 12"
PRSPCTXTRM003 Testify / Power to Distort PRSPCT XTRM 12"
PRSPCTSUB001 Careful With That Axe / Fucking Disgusting PRSPCT Sub 12"
PRSPCTEP019 Self Destruct EP [printed sleeve / incl. dl sticker] PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT029 Crushed / Ready For The Pain PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT024 Rotterdam Sangomas / Impossible Mission PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT014 When Worlds Collide / Mindfuck PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT 008 Rise / Meltdown PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT 002 The Power To Distort / Motherfucking Skulls PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PC081 The Minotaur / Zef Bass Position Chrome 12"
NLG1K 003 RMX Series Nekrolog1k Recordings 12"
MENTALLY 004 Fission / Cylonian Mentally Disturbed 12"
GILLA08 New Life EP Guerilla 12"
GEN175003 Crossbreed Definition Series Part 2 One Seven Five 12"
G-ILLA 001 Trigger Happy / Fucking Bliss Guerilla 12"
FSRECS002 Extreme Current Value remix / Redeemer Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FS04 Drone / Clairvoyance Filthy Sanchez Recordings 12"
FS 004 Drone / Clairvoyance Filthy Sanchez Recordings 12"
EVOL 009 White Light / Testing Reality Evol Intent Recordings 12"
EI 010 Grey Matter / Aneurysm Evol Intent Recordings 12"
CSRECS005 Collaboration Part 5 Counterstrike Recordings 12"
CSRECS004 Collaboration Part 4 Counterstrike Recordings 12"
CSRECS003 Collaboration Part 3 Counterstrike Recordings 12"
CSRECS 002 Collaboration Part 2 Counterstrike Recordings 2x10"
CSRECS 001 Collaboration Part 1 Counterstrike Recordings 2x10"
BWARELTD03 Wraith Barcode Recordings 12"
BSE012 One / Traum Black Sun Empire 12"
ALGOLP3 Fear Division Destruction Algorythm 2x12"
ALGOLP 001EP3 Insubordination EP 3 Algorythm 2x12"
ALGOLP 001EP2 Insubordination EP2 Algorythm 2x12"
ALGOLP 001EP1 Insubordination EP1 Algorythm 2x12"
ALGO011 Fire EP Algorythm 2x12"
ALGO009 Extreme Mutilation / Killing Machine Algorythm 12"
ALGO 004 Snuff / Timewarp Algorythm 12"
18MOHM01 Amongst Villains Ohm Resistance 2x12"
Counterstrike tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 18 records
TANTRUM003 Can't Be Soft Counterstrike Remix / The Chain Forbidden Society Remix Tantrum 12"
SICK 001 Sickness & Suffering / Underground's Our Style Future Sickness Records 12"
PRSPCTLP009 15 Years Of PRSPCT PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTLP007 Limewax PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
PRSPCTLP005 Family Album - Including full album as download PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTLP 001 Blood And Steel LP PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PRSPCTEP 001 Future Filth EP PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
INTREC 010 The Remix EP Intransigent Recordings 2x12"
HUMA 8030 Hardcore Will Never Die / Systems Activated Human Imprint 12"
HUMA 8025 NVD / O.D. Human Imprint 12"
HUMA 8019 Human Resource EP Human Imprint 2x12"
GILLALP001 Revolt & Riot Guerilla 2x12"
G-ILLAEP 001 The Clergy EP Guerilla 2x12"
FS 003 Mute Remix / El Momento Filthy Sanchez Recordings 12"
BWARELTD09 Songs From The Living Dead 2 Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARE 006 The Fucking Offensive EP Barcode Recordings 2x12"
BSELP 005S Bullet In The Head / Driving Insane Black Sun Empire 12"
21K OHM Disciples of the Unreal EP Ohm Resistance 2x12"

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