Boris S. & Dj Ogi meets FRR

Boris S. / Hexor vs. Nagano / DJ Ogi / Jason Little & Miss Joana

Record label
Fatallic Resignation
Catalog Number
FRR 005
Release Date
February 25th 2008


A16 o Clock in ChicagoBoris S.
A2MalefunctionHexor vs. Nagano
B1SojaDJ Ogi
B2YeehaaJason Little & Miss Joana

Fatallic Resignation's previous release was a splendid one, but this follow-up might even be better! Again multiple artists dropped their tracks, once again combining new talent with already hot names. Boris S. kicks off the release with a powerfull track on the a-side. Dj Ogi was invited to show his talent on the flip side. Additional there is work of the Fatallic Resignation crew, as Hexor kicks ass versus Nagano for the second track on the a-side and well known Jason Little collabs with upcoming Miss Joana for the second track on the b-side. Check this out, it's definetely worthwhile...