Therapist / Overclock

Current Value

Record label
Catalog Number
G-ILLA 004
Release Date
May 25th 2009



Current Value: Therapist floors all expectations i.e. Grind stoning rhythmic insanity! The work is receiving amazing attention world wide and destroying to many dance floors at the hands of the illest point blank. TECH ITCH, GEIN, AUDIO, CONGO NATTY, COUNTERSTRIKE, DIESEL BOY, INFILTRATA, SILENT KILLER, BREAKER, DONNY, BTK IDENTITY, KATHARSYS, NANOTEK, THE PANACEA, and more. Finally touching down on vinyl for the masses. Look out for more info on Current Value projects thru 2008, U NEED A THERAPIST. Current Value: Overclock Battery acid leaking mechanisms collide here. Overclock builds steadily into something different from most of Current Values work. Pairing electronic frenzy step with grimy punk attitude, Current Value doesnt hold back thru the whole battle. Keeping it Tasteful, and dance oriented, Overclock will be a classic for the Grind Core Industrial Soldiers. Get READY.