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Current Value

Current Value (Germany)


Tim Hielscher



Artist profile: Current Value

Hard and dark experimental drum & bass sounds from Germany.

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Current Value CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
SUBTCD001 Environments Machine Code Current Value Dean Rodell 2xCD
SUBSCD004 Stay On This Planet Current Value CD
SUBSCD 001 Back To The Machine Current Value 2xCD
CDs with Current Value tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
VSNCD001S Split The Atom [Special Edition Repress] Noisia 2xCD
SUBSCD002 Fractured State The Sect 2xCD
SICKCDX Best of 10 years Future Sickness 2xCD
OKCD 001 The Firm 2xCD
ALGOCD 002 Insubordination Counterstrike CD
9M OHM You Need Therapy Technical Itch CD
Current Value Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 14 promos
TI 053*P Peace EP Current Value 2x12" PROMO
TI 048*P Full Spectrum Warrior / Strange Peace Current Value 12" PROMO
TECHFREAKLP 004*P The Day Of Silence LP Current Value 5x12" PROMO
SS 006*P The Unspoken / 60,000 Thoughts Current Value 12" PROMO
SICK 003*P Tektonik / Sickness & Suffering Current Value Counterstrike Mumblz 12" PROMO
SICK 002*P Revealing The Concealed EP Current Value 2x12" PROMO
SECTION8 003*P Edge of Dreams / Sphere Unknown Current Value 12" PROMO
SECTION8 002*P The Power / Unleashed Current Value 12" PROMO
LB 002*P Tempest / Bathwater Limewax Current Value 12" PROMO
KILLU2 002*P Conciousness / One In A Million Current Value 12" PROMO
G-ILLA 002*P The Centre Mix / The Scent Current Value Axis Trank 12" PROMO
FREAK 033*P Dark Thoughts / Drill Donny DJ. E Current Value 12" PROMO
FREAK 030*P You Cant Play God EP Current Value 2x12" PROMO
EI 011*P Brainwash / Ghost Kill Current Value SPL 12" PROMO
Current Value Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 78 records
YSRPACK001 Yellow Stripes SALESPACK incl. 009/008/003 Yellow Stripe Recs 3x12"
YSR009 Tremor / Maintainer Yellow Stripe Recs 12"
VI 002 Bravery / Echolot Venom Inc 12"
UNION003 Optic Nerve / Blood Extract Union Recs 12"
TSM002 Burn In / Glitch / Thought The Sect Music 12"
TI 053 Peace EP Tech Itch Recordings 2x12"
TI 048 Full Spectrum Warrior / Strange Peace Tech Itch Recordings 12"
TECHFREAKLP 004 The Day Of Silence LP Techfreak Recordings 5x12"
SUBVI006 Hitman / Target Subviolenz 12"
SUBTLP001 Environments Subtrakt 4x12"
SUBT011 Subland Ep Prt 2 Subtrakt 12"
SUBT009 Crude Chronicles EP Subtrakt 12"
SUBT 006 Sparse Land Subtrakt 12"
SUBSLP 001 Back To The Machine Subsistenz 5x12"
SUBS10.002 Prism / Delirium Subsistenz 10"
SUBS10.001 Dance Of The Mech / Neutrino Subsistenz 10"
SUBS014 Stay On This Planet - Incl. full CD Album Subsistenz 12"
SUBS012 Natural Selection Prt 2 Subsistenz 12"
SUBS011 Split Machine Prt 2 Subsistenz 12"
SUBS010 Galaxies / Specific Functions Subsistenz 12"
SUBS009 Polar Position / Northern Lights Subsistenz 12"
SUBS 008 Back To The Machine Sampler Subsistenz 12"
SUBS 007 Logic Gate Subsistenz 12"
SUBS 005 Ruin The Dark RMXs Subsistenz 12"
SSTH 001 Anticitizen / Foreign Skin Soothsayer Recordings 12"
SS 008 Cry Of War / Deathwish Soothsayer Recordings 12"
SS 006 The Unspoken / 60,000 Thoughts Soothsayer Recordings 12"
SMACKDOWN005 Posthuman / Get Blood Smackdown Recordings 12"
SICK 006 Nightmare Man / Harder Louder Future Sickness Records 12"
SICK 005 Running remix / Lo Parto To Future Sickness Records 12"
SICK 003 Tektonik / Sickness & Suffering Future Sickness Records 12"
SICK 002 Revealing The Concealed EP Future Sickness Records 2x12"
SECTION8004 Shy Flame SPL remix / Shy Flame Section 8 12"
SECTION8 003 Edge of Dreams / Sphere Unknown Section 8 12"
SECTION8 002 The Power / Unleashed Section 8 12"
PRSPCT012 The Spell / Code Of Chaos PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PC083 Make It Last / Melo Position Chrome 12"
PC079 Naglfar / Medicine Position Chrome 12"
OTHCD02 Ready For Apocalypse Othercide Records 12"
OK 015 Re Up / Rm Bleeps Offkey 12"
OK 012 Agent Of Evolution / Love All The People Offkey 12"
OBSCENE 014 The Indivisibile Force / Whats in it! Obscene Recordings 12"
MENTALLY 003 Neodymium Mentally Disturbed 12"
LS 002 Unpardenable Deeds / Ion Storm Lost Soul Recordings 12"
LB 006 Mothman / Evac L B Recordings 12"
LB 005 All Ends EP L B Recordings 2x12"
LB 002 Tempest / Bathwater L B Recordings 12"
KILLU2 002 Conciousness / One In A Million Suicide Watch 12"
INVSB032 Deadly Toys Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE021 Invisible 021 EP - including mp3 download Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE015CD Twilight State / Tripwire Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE013CD Cotton Punch / The Hunter Invisible 12"
INTREC017 Time Of The Rain Intransigent Recordings 12"
INTREC015 WMD / Cryogen Intransigent Recordings 12"
INTREC 009 The Forbidden Room / Inner Demons Intransigent Recordings 12"
INTREC 008 The Edge Of The Cliff / Dark Rain Intransigent Recordings 12"
GILLALP001S LTD Revolt & Riot Guerilla 12"
GILLALP001 Revolt & Riot Guerilla 2x12"
GEN175004 Crossbreed Definition Series Part 3 One Seven Five 12"
G-ILLA 004 Therapist / Overclock Guerilla 12"
G-ILLA 002 The Scent Remix / The Scent Guerilla 12"
FSRECS001 Control / Birth Cycle Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FREAK 033 Dark Thoughts / Drill Freak Recordings 12"
FREAK 030 You Cant Play God EP Freak Recordings 2x12"
EI 011 Brainwash / Ghost Kill Evol Intent Recordings 12"
CSRECS004 Collaboration Part 4 Counterstrike Recordings 12"
CRITSYS006 Critical Presents Systems 006 Critical Music 12"
CFNK004 Airshift EP Cyberfunk 12"
BWARELTD06 The Reading Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARELTD05 Quantum Physics Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARELTD03 Wraith Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARELTD02 Discovered Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARELTD01 Horribly Ribbed / Bruja Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARE 005 Trauma Cell / Symptomless Coma remixes Barcode Recordings 12"
BWARE 002 Evil Has A Name EP Barcode Recordings 2x10"
BLCKTNL015 Nitro / Loner Blackout Music NL 12"
ALGO 005 Excellence / Twisted Algorythm 12"
31RS027 Scalar EP 31 Recordings 12"
Current Value tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 22 records
USP12001 Techno Sedation Underground Sound Promotions 12"
TANTRUM002 Screams of Another / Current Value remix Tantrum 12"
SUBT 007 Low Life Subtrakt 12"
SICK 004 Way Of The Future EP Future Sickness Records 2x12"
SECTION8PACK1 Section 8 Pack incl. 004 / 005 / 006 Section 8 3x12"
PRSPCTLP005 Family Album - Including full album as download PRSPCT Recordings 3x12"
PAIN10 Toolbox Section of Dropname Records Volume 3 Painfree Foundsound Institute 12"
OKLP 001 The Firm LP Offkey 4x12"
NLG1KLP001 Lose Your Faith Nekrolog1k Recordings 2x12"
LS 007 The Remixes EP Lost Soul Recordings 2x12"
INVISIBLE019 Invisible 019 EP - including mp3 download Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE015 Invisible 015 EP Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE013 Invisible 013 EP Invisible 2x12"
INTREC016 / Running Out Of Time - Current Value Remix Intransigent Recordings 12"
INTREC 013 The Dark Future EP Intransigent Recordings 2x12"
FSRECS003 Destiny Eden Current Value remix / Lords of the Steel Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FSRECS002 Extreme Current Value remix / Redeemer Forbidden Society Recordings 12"
FREAK 001LP The Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion Freak Recordings 3x12"
CRIT100 15 Years Of Underground Sonics [Boxset] Critical Music 5x12"
CRIT086 Phace & Friends EP + FREE 320K MP3 Critical Music 2x12"
BWARE 003 Symptomless Coma EP Barcode Recordings 2x12"
BLCKTNLVA01 Various Artists EP Blackout Music NL 2x12"

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