Break Down Remixes

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Hue Helix
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 23rd 2014


A1Breakdownremix Kazuya Kawakami6:03
A2Resistanceremix Go Hiyama6:31
B1Breakdownremix Ryuji Takeuchi6:36
B2Dark Encounterremix Tomohiko Sagae6:13

Welcome to the new output of HueHelix. We're happy to present you a follow up vinyl release of the long-time player, HHXV001 with 4 unique remixes. Kazuya Kawakami deconstructs Breakdown and puts all the elements together in his own way in order to fit it into various styles of techno. Go Hiyama keeps the groove of Resistance and adds spacey aspects to give it another power. Ryuji Takeuchi blends Breakdown with more straight groove and strong percussions to make it a floor killer. Tomohiko Sagae breaks Dark Encounter into pieces and reconstructs with crazy noise and stabs to bring it to different world. A few listens gives you a key to understand why HueHelix consists of these 4 members. Stay tuned for the next vinyl releases, there's only an excitement.