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Ryuji Takeuchi

Ryuji Takeuchi (Japan)


Ryuji Takeuchi



Artist profile: Ryuji Takeuchi

Ryuji Takeuchi was born in osaka, and then first contacted with electronic music in the early 90s. In the late 90s, he moved to the united states, where he started to spin at partied with his friends. at that time, he played across techno, electro and house music no matter how he wanted.
As soon as he got back he obtained 2 turntabels and a mixer, so that he check out a lot of records for inspirations. for that moment, he was interested in various style of music, including even deep house, jazz and ambient.
After that, he got a sampler and sequencer to start his career as a producer, eventually learned programming and editting. that was the time when he unconsciously established his studio skills to transform plenty of idea to evil productions.
He has recently founded his own imprint, Local Sound Network on which he intends to introduce talented producers from local to global. through all the experiences, he's still looking for a way to inspire the world...

CD with Ryuji Takeuchi tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
3TH010 The Throbbing City CD
Ryuji Takeuchi Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 16 records
SUBMISS 024 Submissions 24 Submissions 12"
MTLTD002 Asimmetria/Steel Mechanical Thoughts LTD 12"
MAXX 006.6 Global Traxx part 2 Mastertraxx 12"
LSN03 Invisible Armor EP Local Sound Network 12"
LSN02 Heart Beats EP Local Sound Network 12"
LSN01 Final Weapon EP Local Sound Network 12"
LK 011 Thrustworthy men part 2 LK Recordings 12"
INNERVATEDARK 01 Collabs EP Innervate Records 12"
INNERVATE 02 Connections EP Innervate Records 12"
INNER012 Outbound To Inner Self EP Inner Surface Music 12"
HHXV005 Renaissance Artistique EP Hue Helix 12"
FK-REC 002-6 Localization e.p. FK Recordings 12"
BSMLP002 Scattered Blind Spot Music 12"
ARTILLERY 017 Reign of Machines Artillery Records 12"
ARMS 007 Collateral Damage EP Arms 12"
ACR002V A.C.R.002V. Asymmetrical Code 12"
Ryuji Takeuchi tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 9 records
MAXX 019.19 Nocturnal Traxx Mastertraxx 12"
LK 005 Schlagslatten EP LK Recordings 12"
HSR 008 Volume 8 Hardsignal Recordings 12"
HSR 005 Volume 5 Hardsignal Recordings 12"
HHXVPACK001 SALESPACK including 002 / 003 / 004 Hue Helix 3x12"
HHXV002 Break Down Remixes Hue Helix 12"
ARMS 005 What Happened to the Hours EP Arms 12"
ARMA 002 Cement EP Armatura Records 12"
ANALOGMODE 008 Opposites EP Analog Mode 12"

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