Renaissance Artistique EP

Ryuji Takeuchi

Record label
Hue Helix
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 7th 2017


A1Factor A5:50
A2Factor B6:14
B1Factor C5:04
B2Factor D6:21

Welcome to the long awaited 5th vinyl output of HueHelix. This time, we focus on Ryuji Takeuchi, who brings 4 versatile 'factors' to complete the 'Renaissance Artistique' EP. Factor A is no doubt the most straight techno style banger, which Ryuji himself has been dropping in a peaktime of his every set at gigs in Berlin, Rotterdam, Osaka and more, that always takes audience to another place. Factor B shows a strong influence from EBM, noise, industrial music, which can be a starter of a set, with mad and strong break before its peaktime. Factor C is for sure the strongest and hardest track in this EP, with high BPM with crazy acid synth melody. Factor D closes the EP with percussive and synthy aspects. This EP really indicates how Ryuji has evolved for his entire career and where he's heading to. Definitely the one not to miss. Please keep your eyes and ears open, HueHelix never stops.