Connections EP

Spiros Kaloumenos / Dj Mika / Ryuji Takeuchi

Record label
Innervate Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 19th 2009


A1PlastikSpiros Kaloumenos6:11
A2BulletinSpiros Kaloumenos5:43
B1State Of MindDj Mika5:42
B2DoppelgangerRyuji Takeuchi5:54

Innervate records is started at the begining of 2008. Label is the brainchild of Bosnian techno master Dj Mika who is allready known to alot of techno fans around the world. He did some storming releases on labels such as Mastertraxx, Planet Rhythm, Pirate Audio, Definition, Submissions, Yin Yang etc. Idea of the label is to keep pure techno growing as it deserved in all his forms. Label will mainly work with known names in todays techno scene ,but it will be also the tool for promoting upcoming producers who deserves to be promoted.