Fission / Cylonian

Counterstrike & Cooh

Record label
Mentally Disturbed
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 12th 2010


A1Fission Counterstrike & Cooh

After a short period of silence Disturbed's evil twin brother Mentally Disturbed is back with a vengeance. Counterstrike and Cooh stepping for the destruction works. Both guys have been extremely busy this year. Counterstrike working on projects with new talent on his CSRECS and established artists like Eye-D and Hidden, with their amazing release on ONE SEVEN FIVE they reached top of the charts and appeal to both dnb and hard edged audience. Cooh is been even more busy with his profile. Slammer after slammer this man drops upon us and there seems to be no end in the near future. His most outstandig project in the last year was probably the hardcore vibes drum 'n bass hit. On this new EP both artists combine their exquisite production skills and use it to the max. A killer combo and a dancefloor killer.