Homage To The King LP [full colour sleeve]

King Yoof

Record label
Moonshine Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 10th 2016


A1Rum On IceKing Yoof feat. I-Lodica
A2Bushwacka DubKing Yoof
A3Barter TownKing Yoof feat. Raggs
A4A New Dawn A New DubKing Yoof feat. Raggs
A5Lion Sleeps No MoreKing Yoof feat. Earl 16 & Mc Spee
B1Welcome To Bandit CountryKing Yoof
B2Homage To The KingKing Yoof
B3King SlengKing Yoof
B4Dinkys DubKing Yoof

Known for his 140 BPM productions heavily influenced by reggae, King Yoof continues to release music with soul; encompassing all different styles that make up sound system culture. Born and bred in Lewisham, the English producer encountered the local sound system Saxon Sounds, which played dub music that struck him by heart. He then devoted all his time in learning how to make music through imagination, which quickly led to respected releases on labels like Sub Slayers, Dub Police (remix for Caspa) and Big Dadda Records (remix for Congo Natty). Yoof's 'Homage To The King' LP is a strictly dub album that has been in the works for years. As it was never meant for release, experimenting and recording bands led to an archive of dub samples that needed a necessary dub treatment. It quickly became part of the producer's lifetime passion project, allowing him to delve into the music that hits his soul indefinitely. Each of the centrepieces have been sampled, reworked and pushed to their limits to let loose King Yoof's personal and psychedelic visions. This collectively forms a sophisticated dub album that salutes all past masters of dub - and even includes a tribute to the old 'Sleng Teng' hit by the legendary Wayne Smith. Every single production is characterised by vibrant basslines, a clean sound and authentic dub attitude. This makes listening to them a very comfortable experience for anyone familiar and unfamiliar with our Moonshine music catalogue. Every tempo is treated in 'Homage To The King' LP, going down a common path of dread and brightness: Class-A dub music from London, UK. With King Yoof and acclaimed appearances by I-Lodica, Earl 16, MC Spee and Raggs, the Moonshine family tree is growing from the roots up. With another LP full of dub-flavoured music, 2016 is turning out to be another highlight year for us. Make sure to gear up for the summer, as more Moonshine material is about to surface!