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Moonshine Recordings

Moonshine Recordings (United Kingdom)


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CD on Moonshine Recordings
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
MSLP006CD Dub Mentalist [CD] Radikal Guru CD
Records on Moonshine Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 49 records
MSLP008 [dub] Excursion[s] [incl. dl card] Another Channel 12"
MS043 Descending Babylon / Dancehall Graveyard Sekkleman feat. Razaman & Bazza / Baptiste 10"
MS041RP Back Off / Raggamuffin Souljah [180 grams / generic sleeve repress] Radikal Guru feat. Solo Banton & Echo Ranks 12"
MS042 Future [180 grams] Halcyonic & G Roots feat. Junior Dread remix Violinbwoy 12"
MSLP000 The Rootstepa Radikal Guru 2x12"
MS040 Secrets Alter Echo & E3 12"
MS041 Back Off / Raggamuffin Souljah [180 grams] Radikal Guru feat. Solo Banton & Echo Ranks 12"
MS039 Propaganda Dubconductor feat. Dark Angel 7"
MS037 Burial EP Bukkha 12"
MSLP007 død [download card included] Violinbwoy 3x12"
MS038 Empire Dub incl. Kandee & Lix Remix / WuduB!? Remix Radikal Guru 12"
MS036 Sound System Violinbwoy feat. Junior Dread 10"
MS035 Liberation EP - 180grams D-Operation Drop 12"
MS032 Moonshine Recordings Presents: Joint Forces Pt 3 DTR & Akcept / Blind Prophet & Bukkha 12"
MS031 Moonshine Recordings Presents: Joint Forces Pt 2 Deadroom / Baodub 12"
MS030 Moonshine Recordings Presents: Joint Forces Pt 1 Alpha Dub / Akcept 12"
MS034 Melki Tsedeq / Trip To Atlantis - 180 Grams Vinyl Von D 12"
MS033 Build Fire - 180grams Radikal Guru feat. Jay Speaker 12"
MS029 MaryJane / Wolves AE&E3 12"
MS028 Ruling Sound Bukkha feat. Junior Dread 12"
MSLP006 Dub Mentalist [180g] + download card Radikal Guru 2x12"
MS027 Way Of Life Squarewave 12"
MS026 Tension Madplate Sound feat. Jago 12"
MSLP005 Homage To The King LP - No audio clips provided King Yoof 12"
MS025 Lion Sleeps No More - Vinyl Only King Yoof feat. Earl16 & Mc Spee 10"
MS024 Stay Calm Remix - 180grams Coloured Vinyl Radikal Guru 12"
MS021 Dub Searcher Numa Crew 12"
MS023 Mono County EP Violinbwoy 2x12"
MS022 Rooftop Stepper EP Digid & Squarewave 12"
MS019 Dubdadda - Got To Be A Warrior / Give Dub (Zion Train Remix Dubdadda 12"
MS020 Wonderful Feeling / Freedom Junior Dread 12"
MS018 Lightman Sekkleman 12"
MS017 Digitalizer Riddim Radikal Guru 12"
MS015 Cool Down Me Nervs Madplate Sound feat. Dan I 12"
MSLP001 Subconscious - 2 x 12" Re-Press Radikal Guru 2x12"
MS013 Warning Radikal Guru feat. Echo Ranks 12"
KILLA001 Killa Sound Candy Man 10"
MS011 Cuss Cuss DJ Madd vs. Horace Andy 12"
MS010 Dancehall Rock ft Ricky Ranking / Too Much War RSD 12"
MSS001MSS002 Moonshine Steppas Discover The Unified Power of Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha S Cian Finn & Radikal Guru & Dub Dynasty & Alpha Steppa 2x12"
MS009 Babylon War Babylon System vs. Truth 12"
MS008 Revolution 6Blocc feat. Bugalo Dub & Jamalski 12"
MS007 The Rootstepa Remixed Radikal Guru 12"
MS006 The Rootstepa Album Sampler Radikal Guru 12"
MS005 Cry Murda JingBong Ting feat. Ziggy 12"
MS004 Kali / Champion Sound / This Applies Radikal Guru feat. Cian Finn 12"
MS003 Fear Nobody / Thunderkuff Knorsq / Saimn-I feat. Little Harry 12"
MS 002 Budda Bye / Vigilante 6Blocc 12"
MS 001 Kingston Town Remix / DP Remix Unknown Artists 12"

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