Agent Of Evolution / Love All The People

Dying Punks & Current Value

Record label
Catalog Number
OK 012
Release Date
January 26th 2009


A1Agent Of Evolution
B1Love All The People

If you know the sounds of Raiden and Rodell then it isnt much suprise to see why these two producers came together to form The Dying Punks. Both have the same history for destroying dancefloors with a no breakdown no surrender mentality. Their 1st studio session in Jan 2007 led to the 1st ever, true techno-Dnb cross over spawning the already acclaimed EP Kings Of The Warehouse on Subdivision..s Subsistenz. The Dying Punks are currently in the studio working on future releases that will include an album released between Subdivision and Offkey. In between their busy schedules The Dying Punks have embarked on preparing a live PA that is set to twist and devastate the minds of all. Expect mind bending loop based layering from all areas of electronic music, crafted and manipulated Live. This set really needs to be heard to be believed, as it blows standard turntable mixing out of the water. The live set allows remixing, eq control, filtering and virtually every production technique available in the studio to be manipulated on the fly.