The Firm

Various Artists

Record label
Catalog Number
OKCD 001
Release Date
March 23rd 2009


1-01The FirmRaiden
1-02Polonium 210Propaganda
1-03PerevorotProket & Limewax
1-05RM BleepsRaiden & Current Value
1-06AtlasKhanage & Resound feat. Stapleton MC
1-07EvolveThe Sect
1-08WulfCurrent Value
1-09Nerve AttackThe Sect remix Propaganda
1-10Caesium 137Raiden & The Sect remix Audio
1-12ScudPropaganda & The Sect
2-01PerevorotProket & Limewax
2-02RM BleepsRaiden & Current Value
2-03EvolveThe Sect
2-04Motor CityPropaganda
2-05Nerve AttackThe Sect
2-06CapetownTemper D
2-07The FirmRaiden
2-09Agent Of EvolutionDying Punks & Current Value
2-10False AlarmRaiden & Temper D
2-11Polonium 210Propaganda

Offkey Recordings/Offkey Music is proud to present their first CD release, The Firm After months of keeping the suspense and mystery building. Featuring the biggest artists and producers in the rapidly developing Techno Drum and Bass scene, this album has been kept so secret that even the artists themselves were unsure of the final tracklisting. Estonian based label owner Raiden leads a line up from all over Europe Russias Proket, Germanys Current Value, Hollands Limewax, Finlands Resound, Bulgarias Cooh, the UKs Khanage, Lethal, Propaganda, The Sect and Audio and the deadly cross-genre duo Dying Punks (Raiden and Dean Rodell). CD1 features the eight tracks appearing on the vinyl as well as four bonus tracks including two remixes and 2 original tracks. CD 2 features an exclusive 21 track mix from resident Offkey DJ Temper D showcasing not only the 12 featured album tracks but also classic and forthcoming Offkey releases. You need this Album.