Exium vs. Bas Mooy

Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 16th 2009


B1DissidentBas Mooy6:20
B2OutnumberedBas Mooy5:00

Planet Rhythm is steadily working its way towards a respectable 70 releases. During the last couple of years the label has brought some of the best underground techno and the future is still pretty bright. Again its time for the Spanish connection in the form of Exium! These guys are known for their extremely well crafted work on Nheoma and Audio Assault. This is no exception, deep spaced out techno that works perfect on the dance floor. Audio Assault label boss Bas Mooy has shown to be a talented producer over the last few years. The man from Rotterdam has stayed true to the darker sound of pure techno. This stuff is the result of the fact that Bas was born and raised in one of the worlds most technoid cities - molten metal and gallons of raw oil seem to be pumping thru this mans blood vessels..!