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Bas Mooy

Bas Mooy (Netherlands)


Bas Mooy



Bas Mooy is in group: Diabla Diezco

location Bas Mooy

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Artist profile: Bas Mooy

During the last decade Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been active on many fronts in the techno scene. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-four-seven, he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark sound, which lead him to the forefront of the European techno scene. In an industry where following trends seems to be the core business these days, he gained a lot of respect for staying true to his own sound.

In 2002 he kickstarted the already legendary Audio Assault recordlabel with label partner Jeroen Liebregts, which resulted in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. Since then the Audio Assault family built a strong and constantly growing fan-base worldwide, showcasing an impressive catalogue with a constant output of stand out twelve inches, setting the standard for today's quality dark techno.

Over the years Bas has been a hard working and devoted producer, spending many hours in the studio and putting out music on respected labels such as Planet Rhythm, Fine Audio Recordings, Submissions, Patterns, FK Recordings and of course his own imprints Audio Assault and Arms. Currently working on a solo album, which is due to be released early 2009, and upcoming releases on several well known labels, he shows no sign of slowing down.

For many years he has been a member of the Rotterdam underground collective 'Strictly Techno', creators of over a hundred legendary parties since 1995 and hosting a monthly evening at Bootleg since 2001, providing a stage for a well balanced mix of upcoming talent and established names since the start.

In Holland Bas has played at many 'top of the bill' clubs such as Doornroosje, De Effenaar, Waterfront, Simplon and is a regular guest at the highly respected Awakenings parties. Besides that he has performed at many clubs and festivals around the globe, in countries such as Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Malta, Scotland, United States, Ireland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, United Kingdom and Germany.

Bas Mooy CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
AARCD001 5 Years Anniversary Compilation Bas Mooy Jeroen Liebregts 2xCD
CDs with Bas Mooy tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
POLEGROUP053CD Unknown Landscapes Vol. 6 - Mixed and selected by Lewis Fautzi Lewis Fautzi CD
NLCD 001 Naked Lunch 100 A.Paul CD
Bas Mooy Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 43 records
ZWART 004 Zondagsschool Zwart 12"
UF 016 The Final Element Unknown Forces 12"
TRIPLEPACK002 SALESPACK incl. EVI003 / TH02 / PRRUK082 Triple Vision Records 3x12"
SUBMISS 016 Last two days EP Submissions 12"
PRRUKPACK005 Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 90 / BLK004 / BLK016 Planet Rhythm 3x12"
PRRUKPACK004 Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 72 / 91RE / WHT004 Planet Rhythm 3x12"
PRRUKPACK003 Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 82/ BLK009 / BLK011 Planet Rhythm 3x12"
PRRUKBLK006 Caged EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUKBLK003RP Black 003 EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUKBLK003 Black 003 EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK090LTD Dolls and Decadence EP - INCLUDING PLANET RHYTHM T-SHIRT Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK090 Dolls and Decadence EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK083 Planet Rhythm 83 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK082RP Uniform Of The Outsider EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK082 Uniform Of The Outsider EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK069CD Propaganda pt. 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK069AB Propaganda pt. 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK067RP Squalo Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK063RP Firm To Farm EP - Part 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK060CD Sixty pt. 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 072 Play Dead EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 069 Propaganda Planet Rhythm 2x12"
PRRUK 067 Squalo Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 053 Heritage of a madman Planet Rhythm 12"
PATRN 026 The dreamers exhaust us Patterns 12"
NR011 Joton Remixed New Rhythmic 12"
MORD020RP Others Kill Calls and Future EP Mord 12"
MORD020 Others kill calls and future EP Mord 12"
MORD006 Rage, Remedy and the Lash EP Mord 12"
IF121 Get Away From It All EP IF? Records 12"
FK-REC 004-6 Spookrijder EP FK Recordings 12"
BSMLP001 King Of Echo Echo Blind Spot Music 12"
AUDIO 054 Schaakmat EP Fine Audio Recordings 12"
ARMS 007 Collateral Damage EP Arms 12"
AAR041 1957 EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR036 Mosaic of sleepless nights EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 035 Biometric Visas Audio Assault 12"
AAR 032 Bazooka Circus EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 029 Alliance VI Audio Assault 12"
AAR 024 Metal Coffee Death EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 017 Alliance V Audio Assault 12"
AAR 007 Stamina EP Audio Assault 12"
12TF006 BAC1-11 Toyfriend Music 12"
Bas Mooy tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 35 records
TLE5 What Would It Be Like The Light Records 12"
TEMPER 008 Fighting Spirit - the remixes Temper 12"
SUBMISS 013 Submissions 13 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 011 Fight for your right EP Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 009 Submissions 9 Submissions 12"
SLAM003 Keepsakes South London Analogue Material 12"
ROOTS 05 Machine Code / Mop Up Roots 12"
PRRUK 063 Firm To Farm EP - Part 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 060 Sixty Planet Rhythm 2x12"
PATRN 018R Concrete Remixes Patterns 12"
NL 1217 A. Paul remixed Naked lunch 12"
NL 1213 Piranha EP Naked lunch 12"
M_REC LTD 02 Egg M_Rec LTD 12"
MORDBOX002 Herdersmat part 9-15 [7x12"] - Boxset Mord 7x12"
MORDBOX001 Herdersmat part 1-7 - 7 x 12" - Box Set Mord 6x12"
MORD014RP Fiend EP Mord 12"
MORD014 Fiend EP
 Mord 12"
MAXX021 Tactical Recon Remixes Mastertraxx 12"
MAXX 003.3 Prodrive Remixes EP Mastertraxx 12"
MAXX 002.2 Dialogue E.P Mastertraxx 12"
IARLTD001 Exag Illegal Alien Records 12"
GYNOID 002 Shadow of the Mind Gynoid Audio 12"
ELEK-REC 003 Mania remixes Elektrax Recordings 12"
BCS003 RE-20 EP Binary Cells 12"
ARMS 010 Brothers in ARMS Arms 2x12"
ARMS 008 No Rest for the Brave Arms 12"
ARMS 005 What Happened to the Hours EP Arms 12"
ARMS 003 I Need An Enemy EP. Arms 12"
ARMS 001 Against the Atoms EP Arms 12"
AAR042 Caveman EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 034 Residual Set Audio Assault 12"
AAR 026 Hair of the Dog EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 022 Mika et al EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 010.2 House Arrest EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 003 Redlitedelite Audio Assault 12"

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