Blood And Steel LP

Various Artists

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 15th 2009


B1They Are ComingDonny
C1Can't Be MyselfRaiden
D1CircuitryEye-D & Squee
E1Blood And SteelCounterstrike & Cooh

A label thats the pinnacle of Hard edged DnB at the moment and a party thats one the best visited ones in Holland. We're talking about PRSPCT ofcourse forget everything you ever heard from the other labels cause PRSPCT is whiping the slate clean with this tremendous Album entitled "Blood & Steel" Limewax, Donny, Eye-D, Counterstrike, Cooh, Raiden, Venganza their all on there and ready to create the stir.. First up its the allmighty Limewax.. No introductions needed, and so does his tune Uncomes.. If youve havent heard this one in anybodies sets then youve living under a rock.. one Limewax BIGGEST rollers to date and peaktime production that could be fitted into any set you want! Switch it over to Donny with his "They Are Coming" this could easely be a soundtrack for a massacre or a bloodbath cause one of these 2 are going to occur when this hits the dancefloor. Dont be scared... Plate 2 sees Offkey badman Raiden's PRSPCT debut, what better debut can you deliver then with this piece of tech infected murkery.. With its trance like strings itll hypnotise any floor into utter destruction. It aint no PRSPCT party without Eye-D... and also on the album he features with his sick signature style.. by teaming up Squee it goes to show that tech is a dish best served ICE COLD! Plate 3 holds the title track Blood & Steel.. Counterstrike & Cooh mashing things up like its nothing and with a steady kick section thatll blow you away! DnB & Hardcore fused into 1 perfect but deadly combination! The final side holds the Spanish formation Vengaza.. their heavy tune Caves rattles up like a shotgun and blasts like a bazooka.. Get on this! This just goes to show what alot of blood sweat and steel can create and deliver.. DJ Thrasher racks it like no other!