Crux remixes


Record label
Radial Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 8th 2014


A1Karplusremix Anton Pieete
A2Fifth Wheelremix Patrik Skoog
B1Excavatedremix Tripeo
B2Cosmeticsremix Darko Esser

2014 had a flying start with Radial's 2nd album and the first release of his new imprint Radial Records. 'Crux' received massive support from the public, dj's and press, and now we present you a package of gorgeous remixes by some of the strongest players in techno music today, combined with fine remix work by some highly talented producers from Holland. First up is Anton Pieete who has just released a very strong 2x12inch on Rejected. He brings us back to the basics of 'Karplus' with a stripped-back but heavy approach with only one thing in mind: the dance floor. Patrik Skoog needs no introduction of course and his funky but chunky mix of 'Fifth Wheel' will leave no one sitting still, Patrik at his best! On the flip side it's Darko Esser a.k.a. Tripeo taking control. He has delivered two amazing remixes both under his Tripeo alias and his own name. Enriching the original tracks with some signature leads. Three digital-only bonus remixes finish off this release in style. Some lesser known names but the results are all the more interesting. Shadowboxer who also forms 'Sinecure' together with Radial brings us a bass heavy remix with noisy stabs and metallic hats. Colophon chooses a more trippy approach all built on the warmth of an organic and evolving bass line. Finally we welcome back an old friend and former member of Radial: Boyconstrictor with his fast-paced version of 'Tipsy'. Early support: Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Rodhad, Jonas Kopp, Gregor Tresher, Developer, Joel Mull and more