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Radial (Netherlands)



Members of this group are:
Jeroen Liebregts


Artist profile: Radial

Radial is the main pseudonym of Jeroen Liebregts from The Netherlands. Jeroen has been dj'ing since around '98 and picked up music production soon after. Since 2002 Jeroen teamed up with Bas Mooy and started the label Audio Assault as a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire. About a year later sublabel Arms was born. Today, 11 years later, the main label is still running strong with over 40 vinyl releases and counting. Radial started out as a collaboration with Laurens van der Starre, but since 2009 it is Liebregts' solo project.

Always driven to dive deeper Jeroen started a 4-year studies of Sonology at the Conservatory in The Hague, which he finished in 2006. This study deals with electronic music composition, computer programming, analog synthesis and electronic instrument design among other things. This is probably what kickstarted his interest to use self designed instruments in his music. The constant quest for new technological approaches is an imported factor that helped shape his sound. His current tendency toward analog hardware based methods also resulted in his involvement in the design and development of the Synton Fenix modular synthesizer.

Over the years the music of Jeroen Liebregts has found it's way to many places using different aliases. There have been releases of original tracks and remixes on labels such as Token, Perc-Trax, Mote-Evolver, Numb, Drumcode, Planet Rhythm, Dole-Gate and most recently Mord.

Radial CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
RDL001CD Crux Radial CD
PRRUK 001CD Deleted Scenes Radial CD
CDs with Radial tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
MMCD 030 I LOVE TECHNO 2007 Dave Clarke CD
AARCD001 5 Years Anniversary Compilation Bas Mooy Jeroen Liebregts 2xCD
Radial Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 28 records
ZWART 004 Zondagsschool Zwart 12"
TOKEN 4 Premium Token Records 12"
REAKTOR 006 Pressure Force EP Reaktor Records 12"
RDL001XL Crux - Limited 3x12" version incl. the remixes and full album on CD Radial Records 3x12"
RDL001X Crux remixes Radial Records 12"
RDL001 Crux - incl. full album on cd with 3 digital bonus tracks Radial Records 2x12"
PRRUK063RP Firm To Farm EP - Part 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK060AB Sixty pt. 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK001LP_EF Deleted Scenes Disc 3 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK001LP_CD Deleted Scenes Disc 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK001LP_AB Deleted Scenes Disc 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 065 Firm To Farm EP - Part 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 063 Firm To Farm EP - Part 1 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 001LP Deleted Scenes Planet Rhythm 3x12"
NUMB 013 Rybakk Numb 12"
NUMB 010 Beton EP Numb 12"
NR011 Joton Remixed New Rhythmic 12"
MORD033 Bona Fide EP Mord 12"
MORD015 Inverso Mundi EP Mord 12"
MORD001RP Linea Recta EP Mord 12"
MORD001 Linea Recta EP Mord 12"
LWRC003 Mannequin Lowercase Life 12"
LCRW002 Move 00:00 - vinyl only LCR 12"
DREF 001 Crispy Bites EP Dynamic Reflection 12"
DOLGATE 004 Cooperation EP Dolegate 12"
AAR042 Caveman EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 026 Hair of the Dog EP Audio Assault 12"
Radial tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 15 records
PVC 007 Palicavonzvreca 7 Palicavonzvreca 12"
PRRUK 060 Sixty Planet Rhythm 2x12"
NHEOMA 007 The Omega Man Nheoma 12"
MOTE 010 She Showed Me Heaven Remixes Mote-Evolver 2x12"
MORDBOX001 Herdersmat part 1-7 - 7 x 12" - Box Set Mord 6x12"
METHODICALPACK001 Methodical SALESPACK incl. 001 / 002 / 003 METHODICAL 3x12"
IP 001 Babylon Injected Poison Records 12"
DOLGATE 003 Bottle Treatment EP Dolegate 12"
ARMS 016 The Bigger Picture EP Arms 12"
ARMS 014 Guerilla EP Arms 12"
ARMS 012 Menace to Society EP Arms 12"
AFTER 001 Metalinvader EP Aftertaste Recordings 12"
AAR043 Faxta EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 034 Residual Set Audio Assault 12"
AAR 024 Metal Coffee Death EP Audio Assault 12"

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