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October 5th 2015


A1Death Move 1Alessandro Adriani
B2FietsenmakerUnit Moebius & Reverend Cor Gout & Salo Mentale

Rubber is new label from The Hague with a motley mixture of off-radar electronix for both the experimental clubber and home listener. Rubber001 is a bold three-tracker. Mannequin Records head-honcho Alessandro Adriani hits the nail on the head with his secret weapons. Secondly, reigning from Finland, 0.5W (Halvtrak and Stak Etop) pans across the room like running with titanium scissors. The cherry on top is this piece of Dutch drum-laden ''poetry'', probably on illegal medication, about a bicycle mechanic from The Hague by legends Unit Moebius, Reverend Cor Gout and Salo Mentale. All on 180 grams of white vinyl in a white jacket.