Posthuman / Get Blood

Current Value / Bryan Fury

Record label
Smackdown Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 15th 2012


A1PosthumanCurrent Value7:00
B1Get BloodBryan Fury6:02

Finally it's here, the long and awaited Combo E.P. by Current Value and Bryan Fury on Smackdown Recordings! Smackdown Recordings 005 offers 'Best of Both Worlds' in the form of Future Drum & Bass and Hardcore. Bringing you the 3rd release of 2012, after two successful releases by COOH, Counterstrike and I:gor, Smackdown is back on track and set to lay down further destruction upon 2012! A must have release for any Smackdown, Current Value and Bryan Fury fan, order as many copies as you can! The A-side offers the solo Current Value track entitled 'Posthuman'. This track has been one of the most anticipated tracks of 2012 and is now finally available on 12 inch. Vicious future step Drum & Bass that will conquer any chemical warfare, even in the year 2032. High Quality sounds, pounding drums and the sharpest filthy snares combined in a perfect atmosphere makes this track very wanted by every quality music lover, a must have! The B-side offers just pure mayhem and destruction. Bryan Fury returns to Smackdown Recordings since the first release way back in 2009. This booming Hardcore blaster on 175 BPM blows a reign of fire upon any dancefloor all over the world and any dancefloor anywhere in space. Future hardcore definitely still valid in the 22nd century. Rough breaks and cuts, pounding kickdrums that go deeper and deeper combined with violent vocals offers you one of the rudest track up to date by Bryan Fury. This track combined with Current Value's track makes this a must have release! The release is pressed on white vinyl and comes with a classy plastic sleeve. Extremely limited wannahave!