Omerta Group EP


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 9th 2007


A1Charles BronsonGunjack
A2RokutenichiryuGunjack feat. Ryu Endo
B1Rokutenichiryu (Gunjack & Matt K's Omerta mix)Gunjack feat. Ryu Endo & Matt K
B2Still BallinGunjack feat. Matt K

Returning from the outlands, Gunjack is back in a BIG way with a full blown release on seminal techno imprint: SUBMISSIONS. Ganging up with rising USA techno don MATT K and showcasing a debut collaboration with mysterious Japanese newcomer Ryu Endo, Gunjack and crew blow the lid off 2007 with a hard, smart and instantly classic disc. Serious 4x4 bangers in classig bass heavy Gunjack tradition is combined with a state of the art Japanese architectural touch and distorted bass for the grimy warehouse vibe. Gunjack and Matt K also team up as the OMERTA duo and hit us in the face with the fact that the are still ballin. This is what the boys call GANGSTATECH... a hip hop slant on the classic gunjack sound!