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Gunjack (United States Of America)


Brian Gibbs



Artist profile: Gunjack

Born in Los Angeles, Brian Gibbs was exposed to music at a very early age. Childhood ventures into the soul sounds of the era led him to a deep love for Motown and an addiction to free jazz. Gibbs thrust himself into music and was sucked into hip hop upon reaching adolescence. Hip hop music begat a desire to manipulate sound and use emerging technology to continue the tradition of improvisation laid down by the experimental visionaries of jazz. In the early 90's, Brian Gibbs was part of a promotional unit which was instrumental in bringing the new sound westwards.

Brian Gibbs forms ties with a cluster of artists during his extensive Asian travels and live dates, he settles in Japan.
Brian Gibbs moves to Tokyo in 2001 and begins to release music through the british Sheep label under the "Gunjack" moniker. After spending more time in Madrid/ Spain, working with a local record distributor and releasing hard-edge pounding techno he returned to LA in 2005.

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Gunjack Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 14 records
SUBMISS 017 Submissions 17 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 015 Omerta Group EP Submissions 12"
REAKTOR 001 Void E.P. Reaktor Records 12"
PRRUK077 Planet Rhythm 77 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK060CD Sixty pt. 2 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 064 This Thing Of Ours EP Planet Rhythm 12"
P HOT Cumbia Sobre El Villa Ducto P Series 12"
OMERTA 002 Street Justice EP Omerta Music Group 12"
OMERTA 001 Code Of Silence EP Omerta Music Group 12"
JACKED 02 Jacked #2 Jacked Series 12"
GF 001 Most Valuable Players EP Game Face 12"
BLU 028 110th Street EP Blueline 12"
AAR 016 Exile Or Oppression EP Audio Assault 12"
AAR 011 Alliance IV Audio Assault 12"
Gunjack tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 9 records
XT1201 Xtractz - 01 Xtractz 12"
SUBMISS 013 Submissions 13 Submissions 12"
SUBMISS 011 Fight for your right EP Submissions 12"
RLT 009-5 Relatives 9 Relatives 12"
PRRUKPACK001 Planet Rhythm Pack incl. 51 / 66 / 70 Planet Rhythm 3x12"
PRRUK 070 Planet Rhythm 70 Planet Rhythm 12"
PRRUK 060 Sixty Planet Rhythm 2x12"
ARTILLERY 023 War Machines Artillery Records 12"
ARMS 006 Lies Are Like Wishes EP Arms 12"

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