Logic Gate

Machine Code a.k.a. Current Value & Dean Rodell

Record label
Catalog Number
SUBS 007
Release Date
July 6th 2009


B1Thermal Stress

Subsistenz is back once again with another 1st for the dnb scene, bringing two peak-time floor peddlers from the freshest collaboration to come out of the subdivision camp - Machine Code aka Current Value & Dean Rodell - Neither of these two producers need introductions to any of the scenes they are planning to manipulate as these two heavy weights of the underground have been outputting quality release after release for over 20 years between them. Now after a few months of working the machines at the Subdivision Studio in Berlin, the stock piled arsenal is ready to be broadcast and inflicted upon the minions. The Machine Code project formed out of a true respect and passion for Techno-orientated dance music and has been personified in this bar-raising first broadcast - Logic Gate ... A. Logic Gate is kick-started with Mechanisms, a full-on techno assault that builds from a spine-chilling, vocal-fused pad that is gradually manipulated around a rhythm that pounds the living life out of its tonal timbres. The subtle manipulations in sound are brought to a head when the mechanisms turn to a 4/4-driven bass stomp, giving all insundry a life line to clasp onto ... B. Thermal Stress doesn't let up in Logic Gates mission to remove charred brain cells from its listeners' dusty caverns. A brutal attack of constant clinical pressure builds and binds sound scapes to a point of pure audio hedonism. With no remorse for the cranked and perverted - Machine Codes infiltrating has begun - - - Lock Up Your Synths !!!