Back To The Machine Sampler

Current Value

Record label
Catalog Number
SUBS 008
Release Date
March 15th 2010


A1LipophilCurrent Value
B1In The Shell Machine Code remix Current Value

Subsistenz is back after a short seasonal break with one of the masters of sound design Current Value. Kick starting our new year with two tracks off pure techy genius just a small taste of what is to come on the much anticipated album Back To The Machine (subs001). A1 - Lipophil is a new breed of techno based dnb a deep brooding machine funk that captures the essence of techno and the energy of dnb. Moving away from the noise and into the sound scapes of detuned techy melodies reminiscence of the days of smokey single strobe techno parties held in basements all over Europe. Like a dysfunctional child lipophils energy is relentless and emotionally evolving held delicately within the threshold of its own exsistence. AA2 - In The Shell has been reworked and mangled by one half of Machine Code (current value) taken from there deeply awaited album Environments due out later this year on Subtrakt. The original machine step groove has been chopped - broken and reformed into a dnb floor stomper. This track is brutal in deliverance, sound and arrangement, with no remorse current value cooks up and injects a lethal strain straight to the mother vein. BACK TO THE MACHINE - CURRENT VALUE ALBUM - SUBSISTENZ COMING SOON!!