Split Machine Prt 2

Current Value / Dean Rodell

Record label
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Release Date
December 12th 2011


A1Grin Current Value6:33
B1B WorldDean Rodell7:32

The two robots crash land their Subpod on B-World, a backwater, arid, desert-like planet. There, they wander away from the Subsistenz craft, lost on the planet's rolling sand dune surface. With a comical 'Laurel-and-Hardy' type friendship, CV-3PO tells his metal m8, 'We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life.' Then he mutters: 'What a desolate place this is.' CV-3PO stubbornly decides to split off from his partner after admonishing his pal's beeps: 'Don't get technical with me.' They go off in different directions, DR-D2 toward a low lying range of rocky mountains in the distance, and CV-3PO across miles of hot desert toward the horizon in the opposite direction. SUBSISTENZ - Limited Edition 10inches Coming Soon