Machine Code a.k.a. Current Value & Dean Rodell

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 11th 2011


C1In The Shell5:01
E1Machine Freak6:20
G1Fried Bread5:05
H1The Shadow4:41

OH MY DAYS!!! Subtrakt drops the motherload with an album packed with the deepest and finest cuts of sub-driven machine step, by the masters and bringers of 1/4 step Current Value & Dean Rodell - Machine Code!!! 'Environments' has more flavours than an orgy in a Ben and Jerry's factory, mixing up machine funk in a 1/4 step style with the likes of the already hailed classic 'Machine Freak' and the floor pounding "Circadian," blended with the deeper dub-based creepers like flat line . 'In the Shell' and 'Confessions' offer a new breed of dubstep a cross of intense techy rhythms and tight grinding bass are compiled with distant haunting pads and vocals that infiltrate and twist your neurons beyond comprehension. Last, but far from least, are the two tracks from me on the album that sum up the diversities of Machine Code's 'Environments' - 'Kjg' is a broken groove number with a growling bass stabbing at air wherever the intense kick pattern allows. This track is laced with ghostly dubby fx that loosely holds the sanity together within its most disturbing sub-existence. 'The Shadow' is the complete opposite. Slow, delicate beats produced to perfection give this monster of all bass room to drive through and collapse lungs in its wake. Machine Code & Subtrakt, harbingers of the future sound of Dub - 'Environments'