Heisenberg / Gerdan

Machine Code / Cooh

Record label
Union Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 14th 2011


A1HeisenbergMachine Code7:30

UNION Recordings proudly presents the Hybrid Seriess - part two. On the A side you will find Heisenberg. Powerfull track by Machine Code aka Current Value & Dean Rodell which consists of two legendary electronic music producers from Germany. When they get together, they make some of the most innovative and masterpiece sounding music you can ever imagine. Now they are ready to come full force with a brand new super-fresh and unique Machine Code style with Hardcore and Drumandbass elements in tune called Heisenberg - this is going to raise heads throughout the scene for sure!!! Flip it over for side B which contains Gerdan made by brilliant Bulgarian producer COOH. Hypnotizing stabs, industrial hardcore kicks and this amazing destructive snares makes it awesome example of dancefloor devastation. Receiving extensive support worldwide, Gerdan is the track that you have heard in every club, from all the top DJ's like a The Panacea, The Outside Agency, Limewax, Switch Technique and many many others. Then for the C side, exclusive only in digital version UNION002 - Cursed Angel reworked by its owner! Yes this is it what each of you was waiting for a long time! Amazing Hardcore parts and his perfect sound makes that track coming to life again. Once again UNION Recordings made epic release which is heavily recommended to all fans of harder drum & bass and hardcore genre.