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Union Recs

Union Recs (Poland)


label profile: Union Recs

We proudly present UNION Recordings - a new polish record label.
Our agenda is to release the finest music, by the finest artists such as: The Outside Agency, Machine Code, Cooh, Lethal or Lucio de Rimanez. The founders, Bada & Switch Technique, whose years of experience within the music scene guarantee the highest possible release level.

The Hybrid Series - a series of limited edition 12" pressings present the ever lasting, rollin' drum and bass beat easily filling up dancefloors all 'round on one side, and the other is a hybrid dnb/industrial hardcore themed track presenting an entirely new quality of music. All of which will be propelled by the greatest names in Drum and Bass and Hardcore music.


CDs on Union Recs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 4 CDs
UNIONCD004 Scars Switch Technique 2xCD
UNIONCD003 Belladonna Switch Technique CD
UNIONCD002 Behind The Machines Micromakine 2xCD
UNIONCD001 Altered Switch Technique 2xCD
Records on Union Recs
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 13 records
UNION010 Sell Your Soul / Iron Factory Micromakine & Sei2ure / Switch Technique & Cooh 12"
UNIONLP002 Behind The Machines Micromakine & Deathmachine & Switch Technique 2x12"
UNION009 Black Book / Into Our Claws Sinister Souls 12"
UNIONLTD12001 Controller / A New Breed Switch Technique & Brainpain / Fragz 12"
UNION008 Black Fire / Bog People Switch Technique & Deathmachine 12"
UNION007 From the Darkness / Genetix Deathmachine 12"
UNION006 Rude Soul / Eschaton - RED vinyl Switch Technique 12"
UNION005 Don't Fear The Darkness / Headphone Wisdom DJ Hidden / The Outside Agency 12"
UNIONLP001 Altered - including DIGITAL ALBUM Switch Technique 3x12"
UNION004 The Storyteller / In The Dark Switch Technique / Deathmachine 12"
UNION003 Optic Nerve / Blood Extract Current Value & Cooh / Switch Technique & Forbidden Society 12"
UNION002 Heisenberg / Gerdan Machine Code / Cooh 12"
UNION001 Imagination / Intelligence DJ Hidden / Switch Technique 12"

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