Record label
Union Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 4th 2015


1.01RestoredSwitch Technique
1.02Ghost AssassinSwitch Technique
1.03ClimaxSwitch Technique
1.04ExperienceSwitch Technique
1.05The SunSwitch Technique
1.06CarnivoreSwitch Technique
1.07Wandering SoulsSwitch Technique
1.08The Last JudgeSwitch Technique
1.09The PlagueSynthakt remix Switch Technique
1.10DynamoDolphin remix Switch Technique
2.01TechnovoreSwitch Technique & Eye-D
2.02MetadataSwitch Technique & C-Netik
2.03FentanylSwitch Technique & Brainpain
2.04ZavodSwitch Technique & Cooh
2.05Cellular Zombies Switch Technique & DJ Hidden
2.06Imaginary TimeSwitch Technique & Deathmachine
2.07Constant ContumacySwitch Technique & Ambassador 21
2.08Glasgow SmileSwitch Technique & Hostage
2.09DeceasedSwitch Technique & Synthakt
2.10TwofoldSwitch Technique & Bratkilla

Switch Technique returnes with his new album ! Few words from others about it: "You may need a warning sticker" Robyn Chaos "Holy f**kin f**k. Respect." The DJ Producer "Absolute bonkers." Bratkilla (OFFICIAL) "The album is class" Igneon System "I love the album. It's HUGE." Thrasher "Without a doubt something You should all look forward to" Eye-D