Behind The Machines

Micromakine & Deathmachine & Switch Technique

Record label
Union Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 11th 2013


A1Behind The MachinesMicromakine & Deathmachine5:40
B1The Past Is DeadMicromakine5:56
C1Each of UsMicromakine6:45
D1AscensionMicromakine & Switch Technique6:45

UNION Recordings proudly presents the great LP of our fresh member - Micromakine. Coming from Italy, he's ready to rock the dancefloors and wreak havoc with his massive production - Behind the Machines LP. Supported by the most renowned crossbreed producers - Deathmachine and Switch Technique, Micromakine proves with style why he deserves his place amongst hardcore/crossbreed nation. Hardcore Drumandbass at its' finest shape - Feel the darkness engulf your ears! A perfect material for all crossbreed and hardcore sets and, definitely, a must have for every fan of the genre.