Primitive Technique

The Upbeats

Record label
Vision Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 2nd 2013


A1TangerineThe Upbeats4:52
B1MonogramThe Upbeats5:22
C1One StepThe Upbeats4:56
D1RetrogadeThe Upbeats4:50
E1ThrasherThe Upbeats4:57
F1LoudmouthThe Upbeats & Noisia6:55

While The Upbeats may explain their choice of album title with the humble statement 'We're not super tech geeks, we've always felt our approach to production is quite simple.' Anyone who knows anything about this duo's music can tell you that the end results sound far from primitive. The cheeky-grinned New Zealanders have filled dance floors and iPod playlists around the world with their unique take on drum & bass for nearly a decade, yet their music is sounding fresher than ever; as their impressive new album is about to prove. 'Primitive Technique' is an album that caters to many but compromises for no one, and with techniques that may be primitive The Upbeats have crafted an album that sounds undeniably modern.