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Noisia (Netherlands)



Members of this group are:
Martijn Van Sonderen , Nik Roos , Thijs De Vlieger

location Noisia

Groningen, Netherlands


Artist profile: Noisia

Noisia (the word VISION rotated 180 degrees) consists of three guys: Nik Roos(21), Martijn van Sonderen(20) and Thijs de Vlieger(22) from Groningen, Netherlands. Acquainted through the small graffiti community in the school they all went to, Nik and Thijs made friends in 1998 and started making music to kill time and have a laugh. Soon after their first confrontation with drum 'n bass, they started digging into it, and gradually making music just for fun evolved into a serious obsession to make good dnb.

After a few fruitful collaborations with Martijn, who had been in music (hiphop production/classical piano) for quite a while before he hooked up with Nik and Thijs, Martijn was added to the noisia team.
After a while the internet was discovered as a great way to acquire knowledge and to get feedback on productions. Also the first noisia tune that received interest from a real label (mayhem's shadow-law recordings) was found on a production message board, this interest was a big motivation to get the tunes to sound better. An investment in studio-equipment and a dedication to sound design, mixdown and arrangement got things moving, and february 2003 saw the birth of the tune that was going to be the first released noisia tune; "tomahawk" by noisia and mayhem on paul reset's "nerve" imprint. The flip of that was "silicon" written in the hangover-days after mayhem's short but fruitful stay. Silicon/tomahawk was released in august 2003, and after that things gradually started rolling.

Noisia CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 6 CDs
VSNCDS 01 The Tide / Concussion / Lekker / Bonus Video Noisia Hustle Athletics CD
VSNCD003 10 Years of Vision Noisia 2xCD
VSNCD001S Split The Atom [Special Edition Repress] Noisia 2xCD
VSN029CD Outer Edges Remixes Noisia CD
VSN025CD Outer Edges Noisia CD
DIVISIONCD 001 Yellow Brick / Raar Noisia CD
CDs with Noisia tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 13 CDs
SYNDROME 007CD Syndrome Down CD 2xCD
SUBTITLESCD 005 Psycho Phace CD
SUBTITLESCD 004 Subliminal Vol.1 - Mixed by TeeBee CD
SHACD011 10 Years of Shogun Audio Various Artists 3CD
SHACD 001 Next Level 2 Friction 2xCD
METCD 010 The Platinum Series CD CD
DRPLP 002CD No Strings Attached Dom Roland CD
CRITCD 004 A Wandering Journal Sabre 2xCD
CITRUSCD 002 Black Lotus Mindscape 2xCD
CITRUSCD 001 Juiceblender 2xCD
BSELP006CD From the Shadows [repress] Black Sun Empire 2xCD
BLCKTNL042CD The Wrong Room - Benelux & USA sales only! Black Sun Empire CD
BBKCD 005 Stadium Drum & Bass 2xCD
Noisia Merchandise
catalog# title format
Total: 2 products
VSN SHIRT M Vision Shirt M T-Shirt
VSN SHIRT L Vision Shirt L T-Shirt
Noisia Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 11 promos
VSN 007*P Stigma / Crank Noisia 12" PROMO
VSN 005*P Collision EP Noisia Phace Black Sun Empire The Upbeats 2x12" PROMO
VSN 004*P Exodus Noisia Mayhem KRS-One 12" PROMO
SYNDROME 003*P Outsource remix / New Deal Noisia Phace Mindscape 12" PROMO
QRNUK 006*P Splash Step / Diplodocus Break Noisia 12" PROMO
NSGNL006*P Desert Orgy / Stagger Phace Misanthrop Phace Noisia 12" PROMO
NSGNL 003*P Mammoth / Sore Point Phace Misanthrop Noisia 12" PROMO
NONVOGUE 002*P Creep Out / The Bends The Upbeats Noisia Maldini 12" PROMO
NERVELTD 001*P Silicon / Crisis Noisia 12" PROMO
DNT 039LTD*P Contact Noisia Remix Foreign Beggars Noisia 12" PROMO
DIVISION 001*P Yellow Brick / Raar Noisia 12" PROMO
promos with Noisia tracks
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 1 promos
BSELP 003EP1*P Endangered Species EP 1 2x12" PROMO
Noisia Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 75 records
VSNTOMMY Tommy's Theme / Could This Be Vision Recordings 12"
VSN025VINYL Outer Edges - 2x12" release Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN025BOX Outer Edges - LTD Boxset Vision Recordings 4x12"
VSN021 Dead Limit Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN020 Incessant EP Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN018B Purpose EP Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN018 Purpose EP - Exclusive numbered limited gatefold Vision Recordings 4x12"
VSN017 Hyenas / The Liquid Vision Recordings 12"
VSN012 Imperial EP - including free mp3 download code Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN011 Program / Regurgitate Vision Recordings 12"
VSN010 Friendly Intentions / Displaced Vision Recordings 12"
VSN009RP Brain Bucket / Falling Through Vision Recordings 12"
VSN005 Collision EP Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN003 Bad Dreams / Omissions Vision Recordings 12"
VSN002 Lost Cause / Choke Vision Recordings 12"
VSN001 The Tide / Concussion Vision Recordings 12"
VSN 008 Split The Atom / Vision EP Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN 007 Stigma / Crank Vision Recordings 12"
VSN 006 Alice Vision Recordings 12"
VSN 005 Collision EP Vision Recordings 2x12"
VSN 004 Exodus Vision Recordings 12"
VRS 017 End Game / Unveil Virus 12"
UNDERWL1 Guttapump -Matta Remix- / Hardknox - Fire Like Dis -Kinzy Remix- Other 12"
SYNDROME 003 Outsource remix / New Deal Syndrome Audio 12"
SUBTITLES 056 Shower for an Hour / Moon Palace Subtitles Music 12"
SUBTITLES 042 Monster EP Subtitles Music 2x12"
SUBTITLES 037 Hub Cap / Backdraft Subtitles Music 12"
SKINT 138 Gutterpunk Skint Records 12"
SHA 017 Brainstitch / Back To Your Roots Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 005 Brainstitch / Deeper Love Shogun Audio 12"
RAM 067 Fascade VIP / Skanka Ram Records 12"
RAM 059 Facade / Moonway Renegade Ram Records 12"
QRNUK 006 Splash Step / Diplodocus Quarantine Recordings 12"
PASA 028 Gutterpump Passenger 12"
NSGNLEP002W Motor EP Part 2 Neosignal 12"
NSGNLE001N Energie / Micro Organism Neosignal 12"
NSGNL006 Desert Orgy / Stagger Neosignal 12"
NSGNL 004 CCTV / Factory 5 Neosignal 12"
NSGNL 003 Mammoth / Sore Point Neosignal 12"
NSDX 002 No Holds Barred/Get A Bit More Never Say Die 12"
NONVOGUE006 Blindfold / Krypto Non Vogue 12"
NONVOGUE 002 Creep Out / The Bends Non Vogue 12"
NERVELTD 001 Silicon / Crisis Nerve Recordings 12"
NERVE 009 Silicon / Tomahawk Nerve Recordings 12"
MSXEP 036 Block Control Moving Shadow 2x12"
METH079 The Bells / Last Look Metalheadz 12"
MET 079 The Bells / Last Look Metalheadz 12"
MAU5038V Tommys Theme Mau5trap 12"
LOVEBRKZ 002 Lekker EP Love Breakz 12"
LOVE 006 Fade to Grey Love Recordings 12"
INVISIBLE017 Gravitas EP - 180 grams vinyl Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE006 Invisible 006 EP Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE003AB Crystalline / Of Two Minds Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE003 Invisible 003 EP Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE002CD Underprint / Saturday Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE002AB Ease Forward / The Observer Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE001AB Floating Zero / Bonsai Run Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE 002 Invisible 002 EP Invisible 2x12"
INVISIBLE 001 Floating Zero Invisible 2x12"
FOKUZLTD 002 Cloudshine / Dry tears Fokuz Limited Recordings 12"
ENM 002 Afternoon Delight / Angel Eyes Engine Music 12"
DVSN007 Alpha Centauri Division Recordings 12"
DNT 039LTD Contact Noisia Remix Dented Records 12"
DIVISION 006 Split The Atom EP Division Recordings 2x12"
DIVISION 005 Machine Gun Division Recordings 2x12"
DIVISION 004 Split The Atom / Division EP Division Recordings 2x12"
DIVISION 003 Mordez Moi / B.R.U.L. Division Recordings 12"
DIVISION 002 Seven Stitches / Groundhog Division Recordings 12"
DIVISION 001 Yellow Brick / Raar Division Recordings 12"
CITRUSPACK002 Citruspack incl. 20 / 28 / 39 Citrus Recordings 3x12"
CITRUSPACK 001 Citrus Sales Pack part 1 Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUSLP 002CD No Escape remix / The Vulture Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 020 Homeworld / Outsource Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 017 Lockjaw / Absolom Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 015 Massada / Lifeless Citrus Recordings 12"
Noisia tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 38 records
ZEN 12206 Kitchen Sink Remixes Ninja Tune 12"
VSN015EP Primitive Technique Vision Recordings 3x12"
SUBTITLESLP 003SAMP Reservoir / The Feed Subtitles Music 12"
SUBTITLESLP 003 Psycho LP Subtitles Music 4x12"
SUBTITLES 055 Subtitles 055 E.P. Subtitles Music 2x12"
SUBTITLES 050PT1 Subtitles 50 Part 1 Subtitles Music 2x12"
SUBTITLES 045 Now & Tomorrow EP Subtitles Music 2x12"
SHA043 Under The Ice EP Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 037 Dark Days EP Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA 009 Shogun Assassins EP Vol 2. Shogun Audio 2x12"
RHLP 006 Guerrilla Warfare Renegade Hardware 5x12"
RH 075 Part 2 Purgatory Renegade Hardware 3x12"
RAM100 RAM100 Ram Records 2x12"
RAM 081 Dimensions 4 EP Ram Records 2x12"
METLP 010 The Platinum Series LP Metalheadz 4x12"
MAU5035V1 Raise Your Weapon Mau5trap 12"
LOVEPACK001 LOVE pack incl. 006 / 009 / 2008 Radar Records 3x12"
INVISIBLE004AB Floating Zero / After All Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE004 Invisible 004 EP Invisible 2x12"
HOSPT 002 Invaderz Must Die / Omen Take Me To The Hospital 12"
DVSN023 Six Rhythms - 180 grams vinyl Division Recordings 12"
DTEK 001 Pressure / Sadist Darkitek 12"
DRPLP 002T No Strings Attached Dom & Roland Productions 4x12"
DETAIL008 Devil’s In The Detail Part One Detail Recordings 12"
CRITLP06PT2R Underground Sonics Part 2 - REPRESS + FREE 320K MP3 Critical Music 2x12"
CRITLP 004 A Wandering Journal Critical Music 3x12"
CRIT086 Phace & Friends EP + FREE 320K MP3 Critical Music 2x12"
CITRUSLP 002 Black Lotus LP Citrus Recordings 4x12"
CITRUS 012 Shadowdepth / Retro Citrus Recordings 12"
BSELP006LTD From the Shadows - Incl. full CD album & Poster Black Sun Empire 2x12"
BSELP006 From the Shadows Black Sun Empire 2x12"
BSELP 003EP3 Endangered Species EP 3 Black Sun Empire 2x12"
BSELP 003EP1 Endangered Species EP 1 Black Sun Empire 2x12"
BSELP 002 Cruel & Unusual Black Sun Empire 4x12"
BLCKTNL042 The Wrong Room - incl. full download Blackout Music NL 2x12"
BLCKTNL004.2 Variations on Black - Part 2 Blackout Music NL 2x12"
BLCKTNL004.1 Variations on Black - Part 1 Blackout Music NL 2x12"
ATG 019R Painkiller The Remixes Against The Grain 12"

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