Political Crime / Violence Won't Stop

Freqax / Switch Technique

Record label
Yellow Stripe Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 19th 2012


A1Political CrimeFreqax6:35
B1Violence Won't StopSwitch Technique5:51

The first YSR release of 2012 brings together two names that have been doing serious dancefloor damage worldwide with their music. Romanian duo FREQAX hits with the hard and powerful POLITICAL CRIME, featuring catchy synths and rhythms that please every crowd, from mainstream to the underground, all while delivering a message that is memorable in its own. On the flipside, SWITCH TECHNIQUE, a definite highlight of hard-edged music in 2011 with his album among other releases, shows a darker side of his Hardcore infused Drum & Bass with VIOLENCE WON'T STOP, a moody track that is sure to haunt as much as it makes the people dance to it.