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Catacomb (Canada)


Larry Miller



Artist profile: Catacomb

Spawned from the realm of the underground, Catacomb has quickly infected the globe with a steady increase in potent complex and destructive beats. Originally a 4 man operation, the descent into the darkness would prove to be too much for some, as one by one, 3 of the 4 founding members withdrew from the expedtion. This action left one soul on a lone mission, to further exploration into the ultimate lower depths of the virulent Catacomb. Larry Miller is that soul and the lone keeper of the cryptic beat camp.

Original members: A. Paquet, J. Spherix, K. Cameron & L. Miller

CDs with Catacomb tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 4 CDs
SYNDROME 013CD The Black Box CD
SYNDROME 007CD Syndrome Down CD 2xCD
CITRUSCD 003 Juiceblender 2 : Food For The Dogz CD
CITRUSCD 001 Juiceblender 2xCD
Catacomb Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 5 promos
SYNDROME 009EP*P Between The Bars EP Bulletproof Catacomb 2x12" PROMO
SYNDROME 006*P Rise From Ruin / Doomriders Catacomb 12" PROMO
SYNDROME 004*P Crocker / The Zodiac Phace Catacomb 12" PROMO
PRSPCT 004*P Paralyzed / Filthy Fucking Faces Nocturnal Catacomb 12" PROMO
DISTURBD 011*P Euroballs / City of dogs Catacomb Rregula Dementia 12" PROMO
Catacomb Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 17 records
SYNDROME013LP_AB The Black Box - disc 1 Syndrome Audio 12"
SYNDROME 009EP Between The Bars EP Syndrome Audio 2x12"
SYNDROME 006 Rise From Ruin / Doomriders Syndrome Audio 12"
SYNDROME 004 Crocker / The Zodiac Syndrome Audio 12"
SPUNLP 001S Wipe Your Species Sampler Spun 12"
SPUNLP 001 Wipe Your Species Spun 4x12"
SPUN 001 Immoral / Rawhide Spun 12"
SMPTM 001 Bloodmuscle / Shuddervision Smptm 12"
SHB 001 Buried Alive / Strange Planet Shadybrain 12"
PRSPCT 004 Paralyzed / Filthy Fucking Faces PRSPCT Recordings 12"
PRSPCT 003 Trashmouth / Deadlights PRSPCT Recordings 12"
DTEK 001 Pressure / Sadist Darkitek 12"
DISTURBD 022 Overfiend / BattleAxe Disturbed Recordings 12"
DISTURBD 011 Euroballs / City of dogs Disturbed Recordings 12"
CYANIDE 029 Desert Storm / Spacecraft Cyanide Recordings 12"
CITRUS 025 Bitch / Lost Boys Citrus Recordings 12"
AES 001 Anoxia / Out Alive Aesthetics Recordings 12"
Catacomb tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 6 records
SYNDROMEPACK001 Syndrome Pack incl. 004/006/011 Syndrome Audio 3x12"
SYNDROME 013LP The Black Box Syndrome Audio 3x12"
SYNDROME 007LP Syndrome Down LP Syndrome Audio 3x12"
PRSPCTEP 001 Future Filth EP PRSPCT Recordings 2x12"
CYANIDE 022 Armour EP Part 3 Cyanide Recordings 2x12"
CITRUSLP 003 Juiceblender 2 : Food for the dogz Citrus Recordings 4x12"

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