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A Egorchenkov


Enei is in group: Giant


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Enei CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
CRITCD09 Rituals Enei CD
CRITCD005 Machines Enei CD
CDs with Enei tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 7 CDs
SUBWAYCD 001 Destination CD CD
SOULR057 I Don't Usually Like MC's But.. DRS CD
NHS 164CD Sick Music 2 2xCD
MEDIC31CD Medical Mix Various Artists CD
FOKUZCD015 15 Years Of Fokuz 2xCD
FOKUZCD010 The Movement Intelligent Manners CD
CRITCD 003 Critical Sound 2xCD
Enei Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 3 promos
FOKUZLTD 016*P Parallel / Profile Enei Cerebral Productions 12" PROMO
DEEP 002*P Theorem / Hold Your Love Enei 12" PROMO
CIAUKDK001*P Slow Motion / Sideways In Time Enei Nympho 12" PROMO
Enei Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 32 records
SUBWAY 003 Xaram / Zaja / Insanity Subway Recordings 12"
REVREC022 Home / Hybrid Revolution Recordings 12"
ICARUS005 Nothing Lasts Forever / Carnage Icarus Audio 12"
ICARUS 003 Who's Gonna Lead / Shadowdancer Icarus Audio 12"
FOKUZLTD 016 Parallel / Profile Fokuz Limited Recordings 12"
FKZLTD 018 Something White / Transparent FKZ:LTD Recordings 12"
DMNDREQ002 Requisites #2 Demand Records 12"
DK 003WAX Opium / Lust & Pain Dubkraft 12"
DEEP 002 Theorem / Hold Your Love Deep 12"
CYANIDE 029 Desert Storm / Spacecraft Cyanide Recordings 12"
CRITXLTD Surface VIP / So Real Critical Music 12"
CRITLP09 Rituals LP - incl. full album download card Critical Music 2x12"
CRITLP005RP Machines [Incl. full album download card / generic sleeve repress] Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT118 Faded EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl card] Critical Music 12"
CRIT105R Transmitter EP [incl. download card - generic sleeve] Critical Music 12"
CRIT105 Transmitter EP [Incl. Download Card] Critical Music 12"
CRIT098R Wolfpack EP [Black vinyl & generic sleeve repress] Critical Music 12"
CRIT098 Wolfpack EP *coloured vinyl* Critical Music 12"
CRIT092LTD Rituals Remixed Critical Music 12"
CRIT085 Rituals Album Sampler Critical Music 12"
CRIT082 Inside The Box EP Critical Music 12"
CRIT076RP Goliath EP Critical Music 12"
CRIT071 Liberation EP Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT065LTD Organiser / One Chance -Foreign Concept and Emperor Remixes - Critical Music 12"
CRIT057EP Stonehead EP Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT056LTD One Chance / Labyrinth Critical Music 12"
CRIT052 Cracker / Danger Dance Critical Music 12"
CITRUS 043 I'm Not A Monster / Quicksilver Citrus Recordings 12"
CIAUKDK001 Slow Motion / Sideways In Time C.I.A. 12"
BMUSIC004 Orion / Taken Blackout Music 12"
BLUSYNC 001 Sampler 1 Sync: Saphir LP Blu Saphir 12"
AVANT001 Zeus / Heavy Tone Avantgarde 12"
Enei tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 16 records
TEED2 Household Goods / Garden Signature 12"
SYMM012 Love So True VIP / Watch Out - Enei Remix Symmetry 12"
SUBWAYDS 002 Destination EP 2 Subway Recordings 2x12"
SUBWAY 008 Badness / Crispy Rolls Subway Recordings 12"
SOULR073 The View / Bun Ya Too Remixes Soul:R 12"
SOULR055 Count To Ten / Holding On Soul:R 12"
RESPECT005 Meditation In Dance EP Respect Records 2x12"
NHS214T Love Has Gone Hospital Records 12"
NHS191 Yikes! Remixes!! Hospital Records 2x12"
MEDIC 018 New Blood 010 Med School 2x12"
FOKUZ066.3 15 Years Of Fokuz - Episode 2.3 Fokuz Recordings 12"
DSR026 I Am Bad D-Style 12"
CRITLP06PT2R Underground Sonics Part 2 - REPRESS + FREE 320K MP3 Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT100 15 Years Of Underground Sonics [Boxset] Critical Music 5x12"
CRIT064EP Sequence Two Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT060EP Critical Presents: Sequence One Critical Music 2x12"

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