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Cave (Norway)


Inge Kjeilen

location Cave

Oslo, Norway


Artist profile: Cave

Cave first started DJing in 1998 and has been playing activly in clubs and
events since 1999.
His music style has over the years developed into banging fast-paced tribal
techno, using 3 decks + effects as well as specialized productions only to
be used in his dj sets to make the techno experience greater!
In 2001 Cave started producing tribal techno tracks following a first release on Ben Sims' label "Ingoma", a sublabel of Theory/Hardgroove.
This release, named "Carne Levale EP", turned out to be a huge success throughout the world, with the track "Street Carnival" being played regularly by some of the best DJs within techno, names like Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, Umek, Marco Bailey etc. aswell as more mainstream names like DJ Tiesto, Judge Jules and Mauro Picotto.
Also Street Carnival has been named track of year 2003 by canadian
technolegend Mistress Barbara and was the themesong for the huge party Innercity 2003 in Amsterdam.

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Cave CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
SPILOCD 001 Live! Cave Ortin Cam CD
CDs with Cave tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
BDCD 003 Let's Go Techno Eric Sneo DJ Murphy CD
541416 501588 I love Techno 2006 Ortin Cam CD
Cave Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 25 records
TECHNIMAL 001 Binaural EP Technimal Records 12"
SPILO 013 Extras EP Spilo 12"
SPILO 012 Return of Techno EP Spilo 12"
SPILO 010B Creations Remixed 2002-2007 Part 2 Spilo 12"
SPILO 010A Creations Remixed 2002-2007 Spilo 12"
SPILO 009 Jaws EP Spilo 12"
SPILO 007 Plutonium EP The remixes Spilo 12"
SPILO 006 Live! cd compilation sampler Spilo 12"
SPILO 004 Plutonium EP Spilo 12"
SPILO 001 Speleon EP Spilo 12"
SFAXPACK 001 Shadowfax Salespack Shadowfax 3x12"
SFAX 006 Euphoria / Realm Shadowfax 12"
SFAX 002 Bounced Shadowfax 12"
PRRUK 050 Charion EP Planet Rhythm 12"
PRMT 085 Momentum e.p Primate Recordings 12"
PATRN 048 Late Night Patterns 12"
PATRN 030 Skolopender Patterns 12"
MISSILEPACK 001 Missile Sales Pack Missile Records 3x12"
MISSILE 064 Planet Of Drums 2007 Missile Records 12"
HZTRAX 010 Revenge Of The Tribe Part 2 HZ trax 12"
HZTRAX 007 Revenge Of The Tribe EP HZ trax 12"
GFR 1216 Dynamic EP G-Force Records (Sweden) 12"
BASICS 004 Remode EP Basics 12"
ABYSS 016 6 bullets on the subway EP Abyss 12"
12BDRS010 Ancient Real Sessions 12"
Cave tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 12 records
TMR 01 The Funk EP Techment Records 12"
SWAY 010.2 Mixes 2 Sway 12"
SPILO 003 Fuego EP Spilo 12"
SPILO 002 Titanium - Arabescus EP Spilo 12"
RW 006 Estrada Recon Warriors 12"
PATRN 022 After E EP Patterns 12"
KSS 003 Out Patient KSS Records 12"
INNOVAMUZIK 003 Innovate EP Innova Muzik 12"
INGOMA 030 Kingdom of Drums Vol.3 Ingoma records 2x12"
INGOMA 020 Burkina Faso Ingoma records 2x12"
COBRA 003 Bodega Latina Cobra 12"
ADL 011 Travolta Adult 12"

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