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Mihalis Safras

Mihalis Safras (Greece)


Mihalis Safras



Artist profile: Mihalis Safras

Greek DJ/producer Mihalis Safras is concidered to be one of the most high-profiled artists worldwide in the electronic scene.
He started his career by djing in 1997 to some of the most notorious venues in Athens (Berlin, +Soda, Umatic, Venue) the period when a new electronic age was starting. Quite soon and after many years of successful djing he recognized djing wasn't enough!

Mihalis appears on at least a dozen 12-inches every year, establishing himself as one of world's most accredited producers through sheer will. The hard work has paid off in the form of releases on celbrated labels like Great Stuff Recordings, Trapez, Soma Quality Recordings, BPitch Control which had proven that he hasn't run out of creative gas. Furthermore he has collaborated for remixes on Ali Dubfire's 'Roadkill' and for a special mix on Britney Spears 'Breathe'.

Mellowing his style as times goes by, getting more experimental and spacey with a fresh style of his own, Mihalis's production is destined to the wiser dancefloors and most of his vinyls receive international awareness by reaching into charts of the biggest DJs like Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Ricardo Villalobos and many more.

His friendship with the UK 'don' Mark Broom lead in 2006 to the birth of his own label Material Series. A smooth label built on the idea of releasing groovy club tunes with material names, all in coloured 12' vinyl. Material Series presents not only Mihalis' ideas on techno but also famous respected artists that included on Material roster. Also in mid of 2007 Material's 'sister' label, Playmobil Series, was born to embrace more melodic techno lovers.

Also worth mentioning that Mihalis works as mastering engineer for many techno labels and he is the label owner of Material Series, Playmobil Series and the bootleg Series, Saf Series.

DJ-wise, his trade relies on housey & funky techno or what he describes as 'techno combining the hard and funky edges of the groovy minimal'. Travelling and speading his tricky sound around the globe, from Yellow (Tokyo) to Avalon (NY) he becomes a milestone of the international techno circuit. Expect much from Mihalis in 2009!

Mihalis Safras CD
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 1 CD
TRAPEZLTD 001CD Cry For The Last Dance Mihalis Safras CD
Mihalis Safras Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 57 records
TRAPEZLTD 082 Interafrica Remixes Trapez Limited 12"
TRAPEZLTD 078 Cry For The Last Dance Trapez Limited 12"
TRAPEZLTD 074 Cable Trapez Limited 12"
TRAPEZLTD 070 Cats Trapez Limited 12"
TRAPEZLTD 064 Interafrica Trapez Limited 12"
TRAPEZLTD 061 Colpo Grosso Trapez Limited 12"
TPT 017 1V2 EP Perc Trax 12"
SURUBA 012 The Ride Suruba 12"
SOMA 262 Jelle Soma Quality Recordings 12"
SNDKTPACK002 Syndikaat Salespack incl. 6 / 9 / 18 Syndikaat Records 3x12"
SNDKT 014 Kamak EP Syndikaat Records 12"
SNDKT 011 La Valle Di Ketama Syndikaat Records 12"
SNDKT 009 I Need My Mom Syndikaat Records 12"
SFAXPACK 001 Shadowfax Salespack Shadowfax 3x12"
SFAX 010 Volume 10 Shadowfax 12"
SAF018 Maradonna Edit / End Edit Saf Series 12"
SAF016 Where Is My Man 2011 Saf Series 12"
SAF 004 Finally Edit Saf Series 12"
SAF 002 Missing You Edit Saf Series 12"
SAF 001 Billy Jean Edit Saf Series 12"
PLAYMOBIL 010 Wintertime EP Playmobil 12"
PLAYMOBIL 009 Playmobil #9 Playmobil 12"
PLAYMOBIL 005 Playmobil #5 Playmobil 12"
PLAYMOBIL 003 Playmobil #3 Playmobil 12"
MWAVE 004 Sabbath Mikrowave 12"
MATERIALX 005 La Samba Di Chicos Material Series 12"
MATERIALX 003 Indy EP Material Series 10"
MATERIALX 002 New Life Material Series 10"
MATERIALPACK001 Material Sales Pack feat. 2 / 7 / 13 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALCD 001 Material Mix Series Vol. 1 Material Series 12"
MATERIAL040 5 Years Remixes pt_2 Material Series 12"
MATERIAL036 5 Years Remixes pt_1 Material Series 12"
MATERIAL035 5 years of Material Series Material Series 3x12"
MATERIAL031 031 Material Series 12"
MATERIAL028 Grey EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 023 Blue EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 021 Yellow EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 020 White EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 016 Rubber EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 007 Stone EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 004 Silver EP Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 002S Diamond EP . SALE Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 002 Diamond EP Material Series 12"
I220SPECIAL5-2 Meet at Greek - 2 I220 Records 12"
I220SPECIAL5-1 Meet at Greek I220 Records 12"
I220 SP5 Meet At Greek I220 Records 12"
GSR 083-6 Viva EP Great Stuff Recordings 12"
GSR 078-6 Messages EP Great Stuff Recordings 12"
GLOBOX 009 Pigs Around Globox 12"
FUNKTION 007 La Luna EP Funktion Recordings 12"
EXTRA 001 cheese on top Zenit Records 12"
ENEMYLTD 001 Dusk to Dust / Fam Fares Enemy Records LTD 12"
ENEMY 004 Bomber EP Enemy Records 12"
CUSP 002 Misateka EP Cusp records 12"
CUSP 001 Master & Student EP Cusp records 12"
AMAZINGV02 Amazing V02 Amazing Records 12"
Mihalis Safras tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 28 records
ZENIT 035 Distortion EP Zenit Records 12"
UNRILIS007 Man on Moon Unrilis 12"
TRAPEZ 088 It's Gettin' Kinda Hectic Trapez 12"
TRAPEZ 083 Trapezones Erectos & Extrapezlo Remixes Trapez 12"
TG003 Bahrat Mintgum 12"
STM 007 When All Stops Stolen Moments 12"
SFAX 004 Highs and Lows Shadowfax 12"
SAVED 034 Jackpot Saved Recordings 12"
PLAYMOBILPACK002 Playmobil Pack incl. 4 / 6 / 10 Playmobil 3x12"
PLAYMOBILPACK001 Playmobil Pack incl. 3 / 8 / 12 Playmobil 3x12"
PLAYMOBIL 002 Playmobil #2 Playmobil 12"
MATERIALPACK011 Including X005 / X007 / LTD007 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALPACK006 Material Pack incl. 028 / X002 / X006 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALPACK004 Material Sales Pack feat. 11 / 18 / 23 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALPACK003 Material Sales Pack feat. 4 / 12 / 15 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALPACK002 Material Sales Pack feat. 3 / 14 / 16 Material Series 3x12"
MATERIALLTD 003 003 Material Limited 12"
MATERIAL 004S Silver EP . SALE Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 001S Platinum EP . SALE Material Series 12"
MATERIAL 001 Platinum EP Material Series 12"
LUXA 017 Lock Knock EP Luxaflex Records 12"
KF 012 Stikker Kollafreak 12"
IDEAL 006-6 Last Panthers Ideal 12"
HHMA 012-3 Mirrors Of The Future Harthouse 3x12"
GSR 067-3 Great Summergames Stuff Great Stuff Recordings 2x12"
CUSP 003 Martini EP Cusp records 12"
AGILE012 Deep Inside Agile Recordings 12"
AFU-LTD19 Dark Fader AFU-LTD 12"

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