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Dreazz (Netherlands)


Marco Grijsen

location Dreazz

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Artist profile: Dreazz

Drum 'n bass trooper and head honcho of the Triple Vision record store Dreazz is more than ready to show why this is his genre of choice. He runs several labels like Citrus Recordings and Fokuz Recordings. Providing the masses with quality drum 'n bass and techno since 1994, his store and distribution centre has played a vital role in the development of both the genres. He has been spinning since day one and is completely surrounded by vinyl everyday so it's not hard to understand this man has a extremly well developed taste.

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Dreazz CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
TRIPLECD 002 Roller Coaster II - The Citrus Edition Dreazz CD
TRIPLECD 001 DJ Dreazz presents: Rollercoaster Dreazz CD
FOKUZCD 001 Discoveries of the Deep. Dreazz Drumorigins CD
CDs with Dreazz tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
FOKUZCD018 Fokuz presents: Hateful Eighty - no sales in the UK 2xCD
FOKUZCD016 Source Of Life 2xCD
FOKUZCD015 15 Years Of Fokuz 2xCD
Dreazz Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 7 records
LOVE 002 What about love Love Recordings 12"
LOVE 001 Love / Legalize Love Recordings 12"
FOKUZ065.3 15 Yearz Of Fokuz - Episode 1.3 Fokuz Recordings 12"
CITRUSPACK 001 Citrus Sales Pack part 1 Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 010 The X Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 004 Lift Your Fist / Halfpipe Citrus Recordings 12"
CITRUS 001 Do Drop in Citrus Recordings 12"
Dreazz tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 1 records
FOKUZBOX001 Source Of Life 7LP BOXSET - Including free download Fokuz Recordings 6x12"

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