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Icicle (Netherlands)


Jeroen Snik


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Icicle CDs
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 2 CDs
SHACD010 Entropy LP Icicle CD
SHACD004 Under The Ice Icicle CD
CDs with Icicle tracks
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 11 CDs
SHACD011 10 Years of Shogun Audio Various Artists 3CD
SHACD005 The Way Of The Warrior CD Various Artists CD
RINSECD025 Rinse:19 – Mixed By Icicle Various Artists CD
MEDIC31CD Medical Mix Various Artists CD
HWARECD 003 Babylon CD Ink 2xCD
FOKUZCD015 15 Years Of Fokuz 2xCD
CRUNCHCD 001 City Of Light CD CD
CRITCD 004 A Wandering Journal Sabre 2xCD
CRITCD 002 All Sounds Electric 2 2xCD
CITRUSCD 004 Jade Presents The Venom LP Jade 2xCD
CIACD 007 Cheap Shots CD Zero T CD
Icicle Merchandise
catalog# title format
Total: 1 products
ATM 079 ATM issue 079 Magazines
Icicle Promos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 17 promos
SUBTITLES 063*P Weak Moments / Echoes Icicle 12" PROMO
SHA055*P BNC EP Icicle 2x12" PROMO
SHA043*P Under The Ice EP Icicle 12" PROMO
SHA041*P Breathing Again / Redemption Icicle 12" PROMO
SHA040*P Dreadnaught / Arrows Icicle SPMC 12" PROMO
SHA 036*P Xylophobia / Minimal Dub Icicle 12" PROMO
SHA 030*P Cold Fear EP Icicle 2x12" PROMO
SHA 022*P Spartan / Hang On Icicle 12" PROMO
SGN 010*P Wounded / Body Language Icicle Spectrasoul 12" PROMO
SGN 006*P Time To Remember / Running Scared Icicle Nymfo 12" PROMO
LUCKYDEVIL 003*P Call Girl / Do I Move You Icicle Switch 12" PROMO
HWARE 012*P Frozen / Cold Revenge Icicle 12" PROMO
FOKUZLTD 012*P Can't Be / That Tune Icicle 12" PROMO
FOKUZ 028*P Ur in my head / Anchorage Icicle Switch FX 909 Caine 12" PROMO
CYLONUK 002*P Final Stop / Meltdown Icicle Rift Souldrop 12" PROMO
CRIT 028*P Shadows Of Tomorrow / Unbreakable Icicle Nymfo 12" PROMO
CLS 002*P Still U / Stagger Icicle Mindscape 12" PROMO
Icicle Records
catalog# title record label format
Total: 34 records
XA 011 Sub Rukus / Keep Up Xtinction Agenda 12"
XA 010 Broken Fingers / Volcom Xtinction Agenda 12"
SUBTITLES 063 Weak Moments / Echoes Subtitles Music 12"
SOULR 032 Strange Fruit / Hilltop View Soul:R 10"
SHABXSLP01 Duality / Exile Shogun Audio 10"
SHA094 Entropy Remixed Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA084 Entropy LP + SHACD010 Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA055 BNC EP Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA043 Under The Ice EP Shogun Audio 12"
SHA041 Breathing Again / Redemption Shogun Audio 12"
SHA040 Dreadnaught / Arrows Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 036 Xylophobia / Minimal Dub Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 030 Cold Fear EP Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA 022 Spartan / Hang On Shogun Audio 12"
SGN 010 Wounded / Body Language SGNLTD 12"
SGN 006 Time To Remember / Running Scared SGNLTD 12"
PLASMA007 Suction Cap / Barking Plasma Audio 12"
OSMUK 005 Looking Away / Strange Behaviour Osiris Music 12"
MEDIC 004 So Close / Numbers Med School 12"
LUCKYDEVIL 003 Call Girl / Do I Move You Lucky Devil 12"
INVISIBLE001CD Nowhere / Above The Clouds Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE 001 Floating Zero Invisible 2x12"
HWARE 012 Frozen / Cold Revenge Renegade Hardware 12"
FOKUZLTD 012 Can't Be / That Tune Fokuz Limited Recordings 12"
FOKUZLP 002CD Treasures Of The Deep Disc 2 Fokuz Recordings 12"
FOKUZ 028 Ur in my head / Anchorage Fokuz Recordings 12"
ENTROPY001 Efficient EP ft. Mefjus Entropy Music 12"
CYLONUK 002 Final Stop / Meltdown Cylon 12"
CRIT073 Contemporary EP Critical Music 2x12"
CRIT 031 Lost Hours / Late Nights Critical Music 12"
CRIT 028 Shadows Of Tomorrow / Unbreakable Critical Music 12"
CLS 002 Still U / Stagger Celsius Recordings 12"
CITRUSLP 004EF This Is My World / Moblaw Citrus Recordings 12"
AVALANCHE 009 Long Lost / These Golden Days Avalanche Recordings 12"
Icicle tracks appear on
catalog# title record label format
Total: 28 records
TEMPALP023 Alpha Tempa 2x12"
TEMPA051 Tempa Allstars Vol. 6 Tempa 2x12"
SUBTITLES 070 Subtitles 70 EP Subtitles Music 2x12"
SHABXS011 10 Years of Shogun Audio Shogun Audio 10"
SHA093 All Of Us EP Shogun Audio 12"
SHA087 Vs. Vol. 2 Shogun Audio 12" P.DISC
SHA062 Shogun Audio Presents Evolution EP Series 4 Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA050 The Way Of The Warrior LP Shogun Audio 3x12"
SHA049 Shogun Audio Presents - Way Of The Warrior EP 2 Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA044 Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 2 Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 032 Evolution Series Vol 1. Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA 027 Down The Line / Stray Remixes Shogun Audio 12"
SHA 023 Shogun Assasins EP Vol 4. Shogun Audio 2x12"
SHA 020 Shogun Assasins EP Vol 3. Shogun Audio 2x12"
SGN 008 This Is How / Love Chat SGNLTD 12"
RWARE 005 Calligraphy EP Renegade Recordings 2x12"
RAM 070 Dimensions 3 EP Ram Records 2x12"
PLASMA001 4th State - ICICLE Remix / Chavland Plasma Audio 12"
OK 020 OK 020 The Remixes Offkey 12"
INVISIBLE004AB Floating Zero / After All Invisible 12"
INVISIBLE004 Invisible 004 EP Invisible 2x12"
HWARE 006 Mischief Unit EP Renegade Hardware 2x12"
GDNCE001 001EP Guidance 12"
FOKUZLP 002 Treasures of the Deep Fokuz Recordings 4x12"
CRUNCHLP 001 City Of Light LP Crunch Recordings 3x12"
CRITLP 004 A Wandering Journal Critical Music 3x12"
CITRUSLP 004 Venom LP Citrus Recordings 4x12"
CIALP 007 Cheap Shots LP C.I.A. 2x12"

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